Casey Wilson: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

In the past, viewers generally had the choice of watching movies or television shows. With today’s improved technology for streaming, there are far more opportunities to watch and listen to quality entertainment. This has allowed talented actors to cross over into different media as they bring audiences joy and laughter. One of the most successful actresses in multiple media today is Casey Wilson.

Wilson is best known as a comedic actress and writer. She has had roles in major productions such as Gone Girl and Julie & Julia, appeared in television series such as Happy Endings, and has seen success behind the scenes as well. While fans may know her for her hilarious roles, many are not aware of the relationships and views which make her personal life so intriguing. In order to better appreciate her work, here are ten interesting facts about Casey Wilson.

10. She hosts a podcast

In addition to her successful acting and writing career, Wilson also has a hit podcast. Teaming up with her creative partner Danielle Schneider, Wilson hosts a podcast called Bitch Sesh. The podcast is centered on the reality television program Real Housewives. The show features commentary on highlights from the show as well as Housewives-themed drinks and other interesting features. It has become quite popular with fans of the show.

9. She has worked extensively with June Diane Raphael

Danielle Schneider is not the only woman that Wilson has collaborated with. Several of her career’s most prominent works were done with the assistance of June Diane Raphael, a fellow comedian and writer.

The two became close friends while in college, and studied improv together afterwards. This led to the creation of a two-woman show. One of the highlights of their careers was when the two co-wrote the film Bride Wars.

8. Her passion for acting was supported from a young age

For many aspiring actors, one of the greatest hurdles in realizing their dream is convincing their parents that it is a viable career path. For Wilson, she found support from very early on. In fact, her passion for acting was ignited when her father took her to see a performance of Cats when she was only 5 years old.

Throughout her childhood, Wilson’s parents supported her as she wrote and acted in plays. Her father even constructed a small stage in her backyard. It is lucky for her fans that her parents helped her pursue this dream.

7. Her parents were political rivals

Wilson largely credits her sense of humor to her upbringing in a politically divided household. Her parents were prominent in the political scene, but with different parties. Paul O. Wilson, her father, ran campaigns for Republican candidates as a strategist. Kathy Wilson, her mother, acted as the National Women’s Political Caucus chairwoman and fought for women’s rights. This upbringing instilled the sense of levity and open-mindedness that is prevalent in Wilson’s work.

6. She was on Saturday Night Live

While her appearances on sitcoms and in films may constitute the bulk of her work, Wilson’s first major work was as a cast member of SNL. From 2008-2009, Wilson played several characters on the comedy show such as Dusty Velvet and Toni Ward. She stated that she enjoyed her time on the show, but felt that it simply was not the right fit. Although it did not end up being a career-defining role, it was certainly instrumental in bringing her talents to a wider audience.

5. Casey Wilson Net Worth

With such success across different media like film, television, and podcast streaming, it is no surprise that Wilson has done quite well financially. Current estimates have her net worth at around $2 million. With upcoming roles in films like The Disaster Artist, as well as the continued success of her podcast, it can be stated with confidence that her net worth will continue to rise.

4. She has formal training

Many people may assume that the effortless comedic skills of Wilson are simply natural gifts. While she certainly has considerable talent, she has also worked diligently to hone these talents. Most notably, she has spent a great deal of time and effort on her education. This included studying theatre at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and studying acting at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Her abilities were so demonstrably impressive that she earned the “Excellence in Acting” award from NYU upon her 2002 graduation.

3. She is married to another writer

It is probably safe to assume that Wilson’s home is filled with sharp wit and laughter, as her husband is also a comedic writer. In May of 2014, Wilson married David Caspe. The two met when Wilson auditioned for Caspe’s show Happy Endings. They have a son, Max, who was born in 2015. They are currently expecting their second child who will be born sometime in 2017.

2. She is active in politics

Like her parents, Wilson is knowledgeable and active in the political sphere. She supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign. Her involvement was quite significant, including speaking and introducing the Clintons at rallies in Iowa and Indiana. While many actors use their status only by sending Tweets out in support of their favored candidate, Wilson brought her passion on the road and truly fought for what she believed was right.

1. She is the VP of a charity

Wilson, with her brother, is the vice president of the Kathy Wilson Foundation. This charity, named in honor of her late mother, seeks to assist children with special needs. Founded in 2005, the foundation also helps preschools and childcare centers with funding. Just as with her political activity, it is impressive to see a celebrity who does more than simply appear at a fundraiser. Wilson is clearly invested in the individuals served by the foundation, and has put in a tremendous amount of work to see that it helps them as best it can.


While known best for her comedic appearances on television and in film, Wilson actually has several passions which she takes very seriously. From politics to charity work, she is as invested in making a difference as she is in her entertainment career. Her career itself is also defined by versatility and strong relationships with co-workers. Given her drive, talent, and charisma, the future will almost certainly hold great things for Casey Wilson.

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