Ceasar Emanuel: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Ceasar Emanuel is a successful New York City tattoo artist and a reality television star. His Harlem, New York tattoo studio has been a highly recognized business in the community and beyond. The entertaining personality of the studio’s staff and the talented work they do has attracted worldwide attention. VH1 began filming the reality show, “Black Ink Crew” in January 2013 and the show found a large and loyal fan base. Ceasar Emanuel has used his talents and skills to build a successful career and fame.

Here are 10 things you may not have known about Ceasar Emanuel.

1. He was born in Bronx, New York City

David “Ceasar” Emanuel was born on June 5, 1979 in the Bronx borough of New York City. He lived a difficult life and did not always have much. He was a trouble maker and was expelled from some schools.

2. He always liked art

Always drawn to art, Ceasar had a difficult time pursuing his passion living in an urban community. After college, he decided to enroll in Katherine Gibbs College in Livingston, New Jersey. He received an associate degree in graphic art. After college, Ceasar found work as a graphic artist for small firms and for King magazine. He found himself creating art for friends and neighbors’ tattoos but did not start giving tattoos for a while.

3. His first Tattoo Shop was named for his brother

Ceasar’s brother, Joaquin, died in a Brooklyn tattoo parlor. At the time, Ceasar had a baby on the way. He decided to establish himself in a business to honor his brother and to make sure his child would have the things he did not have growing up. Ceasar’s first tattoo studio was named “Joaquin’s Ink”, and he opened it in 2011. He would go on to open several different studios in several different areas of New York City, including one in Lefrak, Queens where he lived at one point.

4. “Black Ink Crew” is one of VH1’s most popular shows

Ceasar Emanuel’s tattoo shop in Harlem, New York was quickly successful. Ceasar felt the location worked because of the culture of the neighborhood. The tattoo studio began attracting celebrities. That is when VH1 noticed him. The cable television station quickly contracted with Ceasar to create a reality series based on the tattoo studio. The show quickly found a large fan base. The latest season in 2016 attracted over 2 million viewers.

5. He is known “the boss that everyone loves to hate”

Ceasar’s personality and the entertaining environment are a big attraction to the reality series. Ceasar often comes off as cocky and arrogant. His personality and those who work in the shop like Sassy are part of the excitement of the show. The environment is always full of drama and entertaining situations.

6. He was engaged to Dutchess Lattimore

One of the features of “Black Ink Crew” has been Ceasar’s relationship with Dutchess Lattimore. Dutchess is a tattoo artist and cast member of “Black Inc Crew”. Crystana “Dutchess” Lattimore was born in North Carolina and always excelled at art. She graduated cum laude from North Carolina A&T University. Her Bachelor Degree is in Business Management with a concentration in Visual Art. Dutchess developed tattoo artistry while working on her graduate degree, and became a respected artist. She moved to New York City to further her career as a tattoo artist in 2010. Dutchess is also a model and opened a store Pretty-In-Pink in North Carolina.

The relationship between Ceasar and Dutchess was entertaining. The two became engaged on “Black Ink Crew”. The engagement was broken off when Dutchess learned through social media that Ceasar was expecting a baby with another women. The rumor was not true, but Dutchess has said it was the cause of the break up. She also has said in interviews that VH1 wanted the couple to pursue an engagement. Nevertheless, Dutchess says she will always love Ceasar and was deeply distraught when a prank caller told her he had died. The incident was captured on “Black Ink Crew”.

7. He likes R&B

Ceasar is a big fan of R&B music. One of his favorite R&B artists is 6lack. He has also told interviewers that his role model is Mya Bailey, a tattoo artist and that he is always working at the shop but stays connected to friends through Instagram.

8. His ideas about success

Ceasar Emanuel is humbled by his rise to fame. He believes that his success as a tattoo artist is not solely based on his talent but also on his business skills. He is proud to showcase the urban community of Harlem for “Black Ink Crew” and is pleased to be a part of the culture and a successful businessman.

9. He is dating another reality star

Karlie Reed has recently affirmed that she and Ceasar are dating. The star of VH1’s hit reality series “Love & Hip Hop” has been linked to Ceasar. While admitting to dating, Karlie Reed has said the two are taking it slow because of both their fame. She has said that they are in a celibate relationship.

10. His net worth is over $2,000,000

Ceasar Emanuel’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million. He has come a long way from his life as a street kid in the Bronx. His success as a tattoo artist and as a reality show star has earned him the life that he dreamed of.

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