Alise Post: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Unless you are a fan of BMX racing, there is a pretty good chance you have no idea who on earth Alise Post is. For that matter, you probably really have no idea who Sam Willoughby is. She is a BMX racer from American who is newly engaged to a Willoughby, a BMX racer from Australia. They’ve been together for more than 7 years, so it’s about time that the two finally make things official and work on taking their relationship to the next level. After the handsome Aussie proposed to his longtime girlfriend just after Christmas, their names suddenly became instant news. For that reason, let’s go ahead and get to know Alise Post a little more. Here are a few things you did not already know about the gorgeous BMX racer.

She’s a Minnesota Girl

She was born and raised in the middle of the country in Minnesota, and that’s where Alise Post found her love of racing. It’s not difficult, too, when you spend so much time outdoors in the country to develop a love of sports such as this one. Lucky for her, her passion for racing led her to find the love of her life.

She’s Young

Did you know that Alise Post is only 24-years-old? She was born in 1991 (January 17, to be precise). She and her fiancé have been together for seven years, too, which means that they got together when she was only 17. They’re still young, which might make many of you relax a little bit about their very long relationship pre-engagement. They were very young.

She Didn’t Qualify for the 2008 Olympics

It might sound like something that would be a crushing blow for her, but Alise Post quickly got over the fact that she did not qualify for the summer 2008 Olympic games. She was only 17 at the time, and it’s not allowed. She had to be 18 to qualify for the US team, so she was forced to wait until the 2012 Olympic Games. She qualified easily for those, and she is happy she had that additional time to practice before she took to the games and performed in front of the entire world.

She’s an All-Around Athlete

Alise Post is not someone who is happy to sit back and focus on only one thing. She’s got too much on her mind to bother with that. In addition to being world-famous bike racer, she is also a wonderful gymnast. While most little girls take some time to learn gymnastics, Alise Post excels at it. She’s not just good; she’s great. If she spent more time focusing on that than bike riding, she probably would have made it to the Olympics for that sport, too. It’s just not her love, and the BMX community is grateful for that.

She’s Living in Sin

Most everyone does it these days. Alise Post and her new fiancé have been living together since 2009. She was only 18 when they decided that they wanted to move in together, and they’ve been living together for almost their entire relationship at this point. It’s kind of cool that they’ve done that and stayed together since such a young age. It reminds me of my husband and me.

She’s Been Racing Since She Was Only 6

Alise Post knows what she likes and what she enjoys, and nothing is going to stop her from enjoying it. She began racing BMX bikes in 1997. She was only 6 at the time. Her brother was a BMX racer, so it runs in the family, and he thought perhaps his little sister might also enjoy it. He suggested it to her, she was okay with it and the rest, as they say, is history.

She’s Always Been Good

If there is one thing that Alise Post is good at, it’s riding. She might have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start when she was a child, but she persevered and made it her own. She backed out of her first race when she became too scared to tackle a big hill. She left, she recovered and she got over herself. The second time she entered a race, she faced the hill and she won 2nd place. It seems that was all the motivation she needed to continue her racing career, too, because she never looked back. She’s been facing her fears ever since.

Her Fiance is a Liar

It turns out that Alise Post is marrying the best kind of liar; her fiancé really went out of his way to lie to her to get her to where he wanted her to be to make their engagement special. Sam knows her well after all their years together, and he knew she would want to have photos of this moment. He called up a photographer friend and asked him to lie to Alise about taking photos of them for a BMX magazine so he could get her to the water, dressed for photos so he could drop down on one knee and propose while his photographer friend captured photos of the exact moment in time.

She’s Not Rushing her Wedding

Alise Post knows herself. She knows that with the Olympics this summer, planning a wedding for this year is out of the question. She’s decided that they will spend the next two years engaged and get married sometime in 2017. She’s got to get herself ready for the games, and she knows that too much is just, well, too much.

She’s a Family Girl

She might live on Coronado Island, her family might live in the states and his family might live in Australia, but that does not mean Alise Post is not a family-oriented woman. She makes sure that hers and her fiance’s families are together as often as possible since family is so important to her. Since both their families were visiting for the holidays when her now-fiance proposed, it all worked out well for her. She was happy it all went down the way that it did.

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