Chris Chalk: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Chris Chalk, born Christopher Eugene Chalk, is an African-American film, theater and television actor who is known for many roles he has played in well-known television shows. He hails from North Carolina and attended Asheville High School before going on to the University of North Carolina, Greensboro where he studied and graduated from their Theatre program in 2001. Some of the shows you might recognize Chris Chalk from include, 12 Years a Slave, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, Rescue Me, The Good Wife and Homeland. There are many more television appearances for Chris Chalk, and his experience as an actor just keeps growing. If you have been a fan of Chris Chalk from one of his many performances on a television series, you may know a little about him. But here are 10 things you didn’t know about Chris Chalk.

1. First time on stage

Well, it is a similar story to those you hear about with other actors and actresses. Chris Chalk got his first taste of being on stage at age five when he played a role in a Christmas pageant his elementary school was putting on. Apparently he liked it enough that he wound up pursuing it as a career later on in his life.

2. He wasn’t always an actor

Like many actors, there was a life before Chris’ first real break in television. Shortly after 9/11, Chris left North Carolina and moved to New York City where he got a job as a bell hop and a door man at W. Hotel in Times Square. He worked 60 hours a week, and did this for 2 years before moving on to acting, landing his firsts television roles as well as performing on Broadway, as well as landing movie roles.

3. He has won an award

Already, Chris Chalk is showing real promise in Hollywood. We know because he has already won one award, the Phoenix Fil Critics Society Award, which he received back in 2013. Chris is best known for taking action and drama roles and is a natural when performing.

4. Homeland is his claim to fame

To date, Homeland is Chalk’s biggest, most memorable role. He played two totally unrelated characters who were named, “Thomas Walker”. One was on Showtime’s Homeland, while the other “Thomas Walker” was on Law & Order. However, because Homeland was such a big hit, this is the role he is most remembered for.

5. How tall is Chris Chalk?

It’s hard to tell just how tall actors and actresses are on television. Sometimes actors seem much taller than they really are, when they’re on TV, but for Chris Chalk, his height is so average for a guy that he looks his height on TV, not too tall and not too short. This is because Chris Chalk stands at a very average height of 5 feet 10 inches tall.

6. Played a murderer

One of Chalks roles was to play a murderer, which he did on the American crime drama series, Justified. He played the role of Jody Adair. Chalk was in two episodes of the show back in 2013, “Hole in the Wall,” and “Money Trap.” He is getting quite a bit of experience with drama and crime acting already and are sure we will be seeing a lot more of him in these types of roles. Wonder if he’s going to ever branch out and try his hand in a comedy or other role.

7. First role on Law & Order

Chalk has played on the critically acclaimed show, Law & Order, and his first role on the show happened to be a role that required his character to have to be in rough water in a kayak for five hours. Of course Chalk wanted the role bad enough and did not want to be recast, so he kept a secret from the director – that he couldn’t swim.

8. Has been on Broadway

Chris Chalk is becoming quite a well-rounded actor and has worked with some amazing stars so far. One of his most memorable performances was acting opposite of one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Denzel Washington, which he did in the 2010 production of August Wilson’s, Fences. I’m sure this stage production was much different than his first role on stage back in elementary school at the sweet age of 5.

9. Chris Chalk joins Gotham

Chalk branches out to the superheroes by becoming Batman’s right hand when he accepts the role of Lucius Fox in season 2 of Gotham. Who doesn’t love the superheroes and want to have a role with one of them at some point in their acting career? Well, now Chris Chalk can say he has worked with Batman, to start.

10. Family tree

Chris Chalk does have a family tree that includes a brother and a sister. His brother is Johnny McClure and sister is Teyanna Chalk. He has a significant other, Jocelyn Bioh and Celeste Chapman McClure, is Chris’ mother. I’m sure there are many more in Chalk’s family tree, but these are the ones we can find.







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