Chronicling the Downfall of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami Beach

Justin Bieber may be a big star, but you know what, he’s screwed up plenty of times in his life. Still just 19-years-old, the Canadian pop singer recently picked himself up a DUI the other day, spending the night in jail and needing $2,500 to bail him out. We shouldn’t have to remind you that this wasn’t his first time screwing up though, which is why we’re giving you 10 moments that have led to his disastrous downfall.

10. Handpicking Ladies

We have to remember that, although he seems like he’s been around forever, Bieber is still just a 19-year-old kid at heart. So naturally, he’s going to act like any, normal teen would. But when he was spotted shining a flashlight on girls at a nightclub of the ones he wanted to take home, it both belittled the ladies and made him look like a total sleaze.

9. Can’t Hold His… Food?

Remember how big of a deal this was when it first got reported.  During his ridiculously popular ‘Believe’ tour, Justin was filmed actually heaving up a few things during his performance. It could have been booze, it could have legit been a sickness or it could have been something else. One thing’s for sure, it didn’t help his rep.

8. His Boo Birds

While on tour in London, Bieber not only promised his fans—mostly teenage, females—that they’d have a chance to snap a pic and maybe even talk to him, Justin instead ushered each fan by as fast as he could—even though they waited in the cold for three hours to see him. That’s low. But worse is when he actually went on stage later that night, collecting boos for showing up two hours late to his own show…on a school night!

7. Texts With Selena Gomez

For anyone who really wants to have a reason to hate on Bieber, look no further than the way he’s treated his ex—singer Selena Gomez—as he’s constantly been playing back-and-forth with her. In a recent twist of news, a few nasty text messages have leaked out between the two, showing just how low and conniving Bieber can be if things don’t go his way.

6. Racy Pics

While most people won’t actually ever admit to it, we’re guessing there are a few readers who have sent or received a racy pic before. As you might guess, Bieber had some surface of himself, standing in his birthday suit, holding nothing but a guitar.   Who knows who had these pics or why he even ever snapped them, but they didn’t particularly help his image.

5. The iPhone Incident

While one concertgoer may have thought—OK, hoped—that Bieber would put his phone number in the phone that she so desperately heaved on stage at one of his performances, the absolute exact opposite thing happened.  He tossed the phone into the crowd on the other side of the arena.

4. Justin Johnson

Nice one, Bieber. When pulled over by the cops back a few years ago for going 80 miles per hour when trying to escape paparazzi, Justin didn’t want to tell responding officers to a 911 call his real name, so he thought making up a fake one would work best. It may not have been the worst thing he’s ever done, but he has got to keep it together.

3. Going in Public

Rather than just doing it in a dark alley, “The Biebs” made sure that he was a bit more “respectable,” going in a mop bucket of a New York nightclub.

2. That Whole Spitting Thing

As a man, we can tell you that anytime someone purposely spits on another guy, that’s absolute grounds for some sort of retaliation. In Bieber’s case, he was certainly lucky that he was on the balcony of his apartment for that not to happen, because back in July, 2013, Bieber was caught spitting down onto fans. Not a cool move.

1. His DUI

We’ve never personally gotten a DUI, but, as most people already know, they aren’t exactly something that folks seek out to get. In Bieber’s situation, not only did he scoop himself a DUI—putting himself in a position to potentially hurt himself or others—but seeing that he’s two years under the legal drinking limit really makes his actions a bit more worse.

Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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