10 Things You Didn’t Know about Connor Fields

connor fields

Do you know the name Connor Fields? We don’t know him all that well. However, he’s a BMX biker that was part of the 2012 summer Olympics as part of the men’s events and he’s good at what he does. He’s a young guy, only 23-years-old, but he’s spent most all of his life doing things that are helpful to his career. He focuses on his work and perfects his craft so that he is the best of the best in every situation and ever circumstance. Unfortunately, he did not win when he was part of the Olympics, but he is not allowing that to slow him down, stop him or change him. He wants to come back this year and go for the gold; he’s motivated. He’s got the desire and the drive to get things done and to win. He doesn’t seem to want to do anything but focus on the Olympics this year, and he’s going to shock everyone with his abilities.

He expected to win

Connor Fields knows that he went into the Olympics last time with an issue. He was already number one, and he expected to win. He did not think that there would be any issue at that point in time because he was already so good and he was slated to bring home the gold. When he didn’t, he learned a very difficult life lesson.

Losing is hard

There is probably a better, more appropriate term than hard for losing the Olympics, but that’s the one he uses. He was upset when he lost. He did not see it coming, and it’s something he still feels is hard to accept and hard to swallow in his own personal life.

He’s learning from his mistakes

One thing we love about a person who makes mistakes is that he can learn from it. He can take what happened, what went wrong and what he did not account for and he can make it a lesson for himself. He can make it something he can do an accomplish in a way that will better him in the future. We love that trait in Connor Fields. He’s young, but he knows that while mistakes are difficult to deal with, they are lessons that can only make him better.

He hides his disappointment

When something does not go his way and he does not win, Connor Fields does not allow himself to dwell on it. He covers up his disappointment by working harder, working longer and working more. He did that after the Olympics last time, but he’s since learned that it’s not the best way to deal with his losses. That’s when he made the decision to turn things around and really go for it this year at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

He’s fashionably sponsored

All professional athletes have sponsors, and Connor Fields is no exception. The only difference between he and other athletes is that he has some seriously fashionable sponsors such as Ralph Lauren. He’s someone who has all the best things going for him, and we just want to let Ralph Lauren know that if the company is looking to sponsor anyone else, they can call me. I’m athletic, but not professional; but you’ve never seen someone juggle two-year-old twins and a handbag, diaper bag and my keys all in two hands at the same time. It’s skill, really.

He’s grown up a lot

Four years ago he thought that the only important thing in the world was the medal he would bring home from the London Olympics. When Connor Fields failed to bring home that medal, his entire life changed and he was not in a good place. He let it get to him in a way that wasn’t entirely appropriate, and it wasn’t something that he was very capable of dealing with. Now he is a little bit more grown up and he gets that there is more to life than winning and losing. He’d still rather win, though.

He’s never been to a school dance

Connor Fields has never had a normal childhood. He’s never been to a school dance in his entire life. He used all his free time to train for all the things that he would need to make him the best, and qualifying for the Olympics a second time is one of those things. He didn’t have a normal upbringing and that was all right with him in many ways. Still, though, school dances were the best part of growing up.

He’s appreciative

It’s easy to see that some young people are more entitled than they are appreciative, and that’s not something that is very easy to swallow. Connor Fields is not one of those people. He knows that life is not guaranteed and that there are things that he has to thank other people for, and he’s looking to do that with ease. He wants to win the gold this time around as a way of thanking everyone for all the sacrifices that he’s made for him and all the things that they have done for him.

He doesn’t view his life as a sacrifice

He might not have ever been to a school dance or had a normal childhood, but Connor Fields does not feel that he missed out on any of that. He doesn’t see what he did as a child as a sacrifice. He sees it as an opportunity and as a blessing that allowed him to do what he loves and end up where he is in life. He is happy, and we should be, too.

He’s over an injury

He’s been training for years to make it again, and he was almost not going to make this year after he broke his hand. He was upset and he was sure he’d never make it to the Olympic qualifications, but he was able to overcome his injuries and he was able to make it through. Now he has more than ever to be appreciative for, and he’s looking to make a difference.

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