All the Crimes that Ex-High School Musical Actors Have Committed

Q & A Session With The Cast Of "High School Musical"

When High School Musical aired on the Disney Channel in 2006 it quickly became an instant hit.  What could be better than a bunch of singing and dancing high schoolers who also happen to be good at basketball?  Absolutely nothing!  The first installment was responsible for launching the careers of stars like Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale.  The original film also spawned two successful sequels.  For years, High School Musical merchandise was everywhere, and even if you’ve never seen any of the movies, you’ve probably at least heard of them. However, nearly a decade since High School Musical hit the air things have certainly changed for all of the cute kids who were a part of the cast.  Although some have gone on to become successful, a few have found themselves in serious trouble.  Here are all the crimes that ex-high school musical actors have committed.

Dutch Elijah Whitlock

Dutch Elijah Whitlock wasn’t one of the main characters in High School Musical, but his “I play the cello” line has been remembered by a lot of viewers.  Unfortunately, Whitlock’s career never really took off, and he hasn’t acted in anything since 2007.  In 2008, Whitlock was arrested for robbing a pizza restaurant in Utah at gun point at which he was formerly employed.  According to one of Whitlock’s friends and former co-workers at the restaurant, “you look at the guy as it’s happening, and you’re just like, ‘What made you really get to that point?’ It’s just like, we were friends, I thought. We talked on a friendly level, like everything was like pretty good and all of the sudden something like this happens. Most of the employees, too, they know Dutch as a really good person, and he showed up to work on time. He worked hard and stuff, and then just all of the sudden like what.”

Matt Prokop

Matt Prokop appeared in the third and final installment of High School Musical and his character scores the game winning basket in the final game.  Since appearing in High School Musical, Prokop has gone on to land several other film and TV roles. In his personal life; however, Prokop hasn’t been so victorious since his days on Disney.  For several years, Prokop dated actress Sarah Hyland until 2014 when Hyland filed a temporary restraining order against Prokop on charges of physical and verbal abuse. According to reports, Prokop “threatened to set one of [Hyland’s] homes on fire and threatened that she would never see her dog (Barkley) again.”  Shortly after the order was filed, there were also reports that Prokop had violated the restraining order with a source reporting, “Matt has been bombarding her and her management team with distressed calls, texts and messages on social media. He’s knows he shouldn’t be contacting her but he just won’t stop, saying he still loves her. He’s even threatened to kill himself.”  Although Hyland was initially very reluctant to open up about her situation with Prokop, she has since stated that she’s trying to move forward from the unhealthy relationship.

Justin Martin

High School Musical 3‘s Justin Martin has definitely gotten himself in the most trouble.  In the film, he was a cute happy go-lucky kid who just wanted to make friends and be liked.  Now it seems that he’s ditched the nice guy life in favor of something a little more on the dark side. Recently, Martin was involved in an intense shootout with Boston police officers.  According to reports, Martin was seen running through Dorchester with a gun in his hand, and when he was confronted by police, he aimed a gun in their direction while another suspect began firing. Although police shot at Martin, he was not hit, and officers were able to take Martin into custody. Martin was arrested on charges of “Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Carrying a Loaded Firearm,” as well two counts of “Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon.”  So far, there are no details as to why Martin was walking around with a gun, but this definitely isn’t the kind of behavior you’d expect from a former Disney Channel star – or maybe it is.

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