Daveigh Chase: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Though it’s too soon to have all the details, Daveigh Chase is now part of a mystery which will take considerable time to unravel. On February 22, 2017, the actress was arrested due to a traffic violation. The Los Angeles Police Department also questioned her about an unidentified man who was left outside a Los Angeles Hospital on February 15. By the time hospital employees discovered him, he was pronounced dead. The speculation, based on a combination of information from TMZ and a Chase rep, is that Chase had been with the man during the hours before he died. It’s presumed that he overdosed and she tried to get help for him at the hospital. But the LAPD released her on bail after questioning her, and no further comments have been made by any authorities. It’s a series of unfortunate events which are compelling, to say the least.

A first reaction to the speculation is to wonder what additional secrets Chase holds. The beguiling star has several distinctive credits to her name. She appeared in “Jack Comes Home” in 2016 and created the voice of “Lilo” in Disney’s popular animated film “Lilo and Stitch”. Though the press is reminding the public that she portrayed Samara in “The Ring”, attempting to conjure associations between the “creepy little girl” character and current events, the mystery of Chase and the dying man is yet to be resolved.

Here are 10 things to ponder over while waiting for answers:

Chase has enjoyed riding her Mopeds through Hollywood.

She jokingly told reporters that she was part of a Moped gang, and that she could go 80 miles on one drop. She also said that one drop was all she had on the night the cameras caught up with her. The shiny pink Moped was easy to start. She wore a black helmet for safety and a pink floral dress as she hopped on and rode away. Later that year, reporters caught up with her again as she showed off her upgraded ride. She had a much larger white version the next time. She said she gave her old one away. She said riding “keeps her sober”. She was wearing a silver helmet with the new one, as she hopped on and sped off.

Daveigh won the “Best Villain” award at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003.

Everyone who saw her mind-bending performance as Samara Morgan in “The Ring” knows exactly why she won. She crawled out from the well, and scared everyone silly. There are plenty of people who still have nightmares about that film, and Deveigh is the girl who started them all. She was just 12 years old when she won the award.

Steven Spielberg picked Daveigh to sing for his film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

Daveigh sang “God Bless America” in the 2001 science fiction movie. She began performing when she was three. She was part of community shows and events in Albany, Oregon and surrounding areas. Her singing talent landed her the place as lead singer in a band. The band performed for Reba McEntire’s opening act. She has four original songs recorded, and sang a cover of the hit “Tossin’ and Turnin’” from the 1960s.

Her voice is perhaps more famous than her face.

She has been cast as the voice for more characters than Lilo. Fans of animation know her voice as Chihiro, who is the heroine of Hayao Miyazaki’s wonderful “Spirited Away”, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2002. She continues to be the voice of Lilo, and her voice is also heard in video games and dvd’s. Her mother is responsible for enrolling her in the Little Miss America Pageant. At the age of 7, she won the vocal competition at the national level for the pageant competition.

She was born Daveigh Elizabeth Chase-Schwallier.

After her parents divorced, she changed her name; removing the more cumbersome Schwallier, which was given to her after her father, John Schwallier. Chase is from her mother, Cathy. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her younger brother is named Cade.

She’s had incredibly bad luck.

She was having her boots repaired when she accidently locked her own keys in her car trunk. Just a few days later, she accidently set her hair on fire when she collided unexpectedly with a candle. But, the biggest chunk of bad luck began when her mother totaled the family car in Los Angeles and was subsequently under doctors’ orders to take six months off from driving. The time spent stuck in Los Angeles was when Daveigh’s acting career began, and bad luck turned to good. She was in an ad for Cambell’s Soup and a production of “Utah!”, where she earned the lead role, and those set things in motion for her future.

Daveigh is no stranger to dark, cult films.

One of her significant roles was playing the youngest sister in Donnie Darko. She also took on that role again, but as the lead character in a spin off called S. Darko. She also took on the role of Rhonda Vomer, the manipulative young wife in “Big Love”, the HBO series about the Mormon leader, “Prophet”. For people who enjoy coincidences and connections, it’s interesting to note that her first appearance as an actress was in the TV show “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, in 1998.

Daveigh’s net worth is reported at $2 million.

This amazing amount is not surprising when considering that Daveigh has worked almost continuously as an actress and singer since she was young. She was born in 1990, and at her young age has already racked up an impressive resume. Her performances also include:

  • Starring roles in the films Little Red Wagon and Carolina
  • A filmography which includes Beethoven’s 5th, Silence, In Between Days, Robbers, Haunted Lighthouse, Stitch! The Movie, Yellow, Carolina, Her Married Lvoer
  • Appearances in the TV series Charmed, Cold Case, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Practice, Without a Trace, Yes Dear, ER, Killer Crush, Michael Landon, Vanguard Princess, the Father I Knew, Mercy, From Where I Sit, Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures, Touched by an Angel, The Practice, and many more

Daveigh’s social media presence is growing.

She has more than 15,493 Facebook fans, more than 9,657 Twitter followers, and more than 18,670 Instagram followers. She also had considerable activity on her tumblr.com site, which now appears to be let go. Her IMDb profile includes more than 125 news articles.

“You can’t take anything I do seriously,” may be her shortest video quote ever.

Logging in at under 30 seconds, she was caught on HTV, escaping the ever-present photographers who chase her each time she arrives at or leaves most any restaurant, nightclub, or event in Hollywood. The video clips populate the Internet with short glimpses of Daveigh, whose sense of humor prompts her to response to their probing questions with short answers comprised of clever double meanings.

Daveigh Chase has worked throughout her life, creating amazing roles, yet maintaining a very private personal life. YouTube interviews depict a young actress, caught in random situations, thinking on her feet and answering on the fly. She’s mastered the glib reply, yet always thanks the photographers hoping to catch something unique. Now that the dying man mystery has hit the news, things will most likely change for her. The biggest question on most everyone’s thoughts is “What REALLY happened?” As eerily as her behavior in her most famous roles, the answers to that question will most likely trickle out… to unnerve us with a new kind of horror.

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