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If you know anything about Michael Jackson, then you have heard the name, Debbie Rowe. Not only is she is second ex-wife, she is also the mother of two of his children. Recently, Debbie’s name has been back in the news. During the summer of 2016, she announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you haven’t heard much about Debbie Rowe in the past or if you have never heard her name at all, continue reading. There are plenty of things about this woman that you may not know.

Debbie’s Early Life

Debbie was born in Spokane, Washington on December 6, 1958. She attended Hollywood High School while being raised by her mother, a few aunts, and her grandmother. Her father left a few weeks after her second birthday and he divorced her mother. In 1961, her half sister Loretta Scarlett Rowe was born.

Both She and Michael Were Married Before

Debbie was not Michael Jackson’s first wife and Michael Jackson was not Debbie’s first husband. Debbie was married to a man named Richard Edelman in 1982. In 1988, the couple divorced after just six years of marriage. The couple specified irreconcilable differences on their divorce papers. Michael Jackson was married to Lisa Marie Presley before he married Debbie.

Debbie Is a Nurse

Debbie went to nursing school, and she got a job as a dermatology nurse at the office of Dr. Arnold Klein. According to Debbie, she knew right after she graduated from high school that she wanted to be a nurse. She says that she had always wanted to help people and nursing was a calling. It was while she was working for Dr. Klein that she met Michael Jackson.

Michael and Debbie’s Courtship

Michael and Debbie met while he was being seen by Dr. Klein for a skin condition called vitiligo. When the couple met, Debbie was a huge fan of Michael’s and she was married to Lisa Marie. When Lisa Marie and Michael divorced in 1996, Michael started to panic that by the time he found a woman to settle down with, that he might be too old to have children. This is when she and Michael began discussing marriage. Lisa Marie did an interview with Playboy magazine. She stated that she knew about Michael’s friendship with Debbie when they were still married and she also knew that she had a crush on Michael. Lisa Marie stated that she was not surprised that the pair ended up getting married.

Pregnancy Before Marriage

Michael and Debbie announced that they were going to have a baby in 1996. On November 14, 1996, the couple was married in Sydney, Australia in a lavish ceremony. Three months after their wedding, Debbie gave birth to her and Micheal’s son on February 13, 1997. They named him Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., however, they always referred to him as Price. The next year, Debbie and Michael announced that they were pregnant with their second child. On April 3, 1998. Debbie gave birth to their daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Micheal added Katherine to her name after his beloved mother.

Debbie and Michael’s Divorce

Debbie had always been a private person, and throughout her marriage to Michael, she didn’t like giving interviews or the publicity that went along with it. Finally, the attention became too much for Debbie and she was overwhelmed to the point where she couldn’t stay in the marriage any longer. She filed for divorce on October 8, 1999. She was willing to give Michael full custody of their two children. Because Debbie signed a prenup before the couple married, she was not entitled to half of his fortune under California law. She was awarded $8 million and was given a home in Beverly Hills, California. After the divorce was final in 2001, Debbie asked to have her parental rights terminated.

Request to Reinstate Her Parental Rights

In 2004, Michael Jackson was charged with 10 counts of child abuse. When this happened, Debbie went to the court to have the parental rights reinstated. According to Debbie who is Jewish, she was worried that the children’s nanny and certain members of Michael’s family were trying to get the children to become Muslims. She was worried that Michael and his family and staff would turn the children against her.

Testifying in Michael’s Case

Debbie was called to the stand to testify in the 2005 People v Jackson case. On the stand, she stated that she was only allowed to see her children for just a few hours every 7 weeks. Between taking the stand in Michael Jackson’s case and her case to get custody back of the children, she accumulated court costs. She took Michael to court to get him to pay. She asked for $145,000 for lawyer and court fees. In the end, Michael had to pay Debbie $60,000. She was also hoping to get full custody of the children, which was denied. The children stayed in the care of Michael’s mother for a while and after his legal troubles ended, the children went back to live with Michael until his death. When he died, his children went back to live with his family.

Debbie’s Third Marriage

In April 2014, Debbie announced that she was engaged to the videographer who once worked at the Neverland Ranch, Marc Schaffel. He was the only person who was associated with Michael that Debbie was will to keep in her life. The pair remained friends for years before they became romantically involved. Today, he is helping her to get through her health problems.

Reconnecting With Paris

After Debbie announced that she was battling cancer, she decided to reach out to Paris. The pair met up for lunch, and judging by the photos, mother, and daughter had an excellent time.

Debbie has been through a lot in her life. Her troubles began after she married Michael Jackson and they continued after he passed away. Several magazines reported that Debbie was just a surrogate and that she was not Prince’s and Paris’ biological mother. She ended up suing the publications and she won. Today, she is battling cancer. Luckily, she has her daughter Paris and her fiance by her side.

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