Did you Know Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Directing Last Man Standing?


He was one of the hottest child actors around when I was growing up, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is still all sorts of perfection. He was the middle child, Randy Taylor, on the exceptionally funny sitcom Home Improvement starring hilarious comedian Tim Allen. From that point, he was a star in a number of romantic comedies, children’s movies and other endeavors, but he seems to have faded out of the spotlight since becoming an adult. Whatever happened to him? He’s been back a few times to make guest appearances on Tim Allen’s hot new show, Last Man Standing, playing the boss of his older daughter and a restaurant owner, and again with his former television mother playing her son and Tim Allen’s neighbor.

Since he’s been off the air all the time, though, he’s been a little busier behind the camera. It turns out that while we all thought he was just another child star without a career future, JTT has been busier than most people working. Now he’s directing Tim Allen’s new show, in which he stars as an outdoor loving husband and father of three girls, and he’s also been busy doing other things.


Now that he’s not focusing on being in front of the camera, JTT has been doing a lot of work behind the camera. He’s directed several episodes of Last Man Standing. He seems to really enjoy being behind the camera and has been working on finding other directing jobs. He and Tim Allen work very well together, probably from growing up in his former television father’s careful watch and remaining close to him longer after their television show ended.

Guest Appearances

Once he was done with television in 1998, he began making several guest appearances on some of the biggest television shows on at the time. He had guest roles in 8 Simple Rules, Veronica Mars, Smallvillle and even The Simpsons. Each of his roles was hilarious, and he plays any character he is given to a tee.


We all know that during his time as Tim Allen’s television son, JTT had a great job with Disney. He was cast to provide his voice in “The Lion King,” as the young Simba. It was a role that he will never forget, being a very young boy himself at the time. He was then very famous with Disney, and the production company asked him to do several more voice roles in their hit movies. This includes “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” He was also a lead character in several movies from 1995 to 1999.


Since he left television and began focusing on his academics, Jonathan Taylor Thomas has been very busy. He graduated from the Chaminade College Preparatory School with honors. He then decided that he was not done with school, and enrolled Harvard University. He spent his first two years of school at Harvard making a career out of his degree in philosophy and history. During his junior year of college he made the decision to head abroad and study in Scotland at St. Andrews University. He made his final year one a bit closer to home, graduating from Columbia University. It’s safe to say that he is one smart cookie.

Personal Life

If there is one thing that JTT is good at doing, it’s keeping his personal life very personal. He is not married and he has no kids, and he has been the subject of a number of rumors throughout his adult life. His decision to focus on himself and not make his relationship status public has caused him to become the lead character in a number of tabloid stories about his sexuality, with many assuming he is gay or he would not keep his personal life so personal. At the end of the day, he’s so talented and so genuinely good that no one cares about his sexuality.

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