Donald Friese: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

If you were a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from 2011 through 2015, you know who Brandi Glanville is. Not only was she one of the most controversial characters on the show, she also has a very long dating history. She was once married to Eddie Cibrian, and the couple divorced after it came out that Eddie was cheating on her with Leann Rimes. Her dating life is back in the headlines again, and this time she is dating Donald Friese. If you want to learn more about Donald, read on.

He Comes From Money

Donald’s father, Donald Friese Sr. is a billionaire. He grew up in a very poor family and then to escape poverty, he joined the military. After his enlistment ended, he got a job in the glass industry. He used the skills he learned there to start his own business, which eventually became a multi-billion dollar corporation. Donald works at this father’s company and holds the title of Executive Vice President.

He Is Divorced

Brandi is not the first love of Donald’s life. He was once married. The details about his ex-wife and the circumstances of his divorce remain unknown. The more serious this couple becomes, however, will likely bring more details about his personal life to light.

He is a Father

Donald has two children from his previous marriage. They are a boy and a girl and they are close in age to Brandi’s children. Brandi has seen Donald with his children and how great he is with them. This is why she allowed him to meet her children. She has dated many men in the past and most of them have never laid eyes on his children. Since Brandi is quite smitten with Donald and she knows he is good with children, she gave him the chance to meet hers. So far, things are going well.

He Spent the Holidays With Brandi

Donald invited Brandi to join himself and his children in Orlando for the holidays. Since Brandi’s children were with her ex-husband, she took him up on the offer. Donald said it was a great chance for his children to get to know Brandi and vice versa. He says that things couldn’t have gone better. The couple even rang in the 2017 New Year together.

He Buys the Best Birthday Gifts

Brandi celebrated her birthday in November, and Donald was there to make sure that it was a special day. Not only did he take her to a trendy restaurant to celebrate, he also bought her a very expensive box of roses. Later, Brandi posted a photo of the flowers on her Instagram page with the caption, “thank you for the best night EVER. I’m officially in the “L” word.

He Posed for a Naked Photo

In February 2017, a photo of Donald and Brandi was posted on his Instagram page that left nothing to the imagination. The photo was of the two in bed and the picture was taken in the overhead mirror. He added a caption that read, Loving my V-Day Present. Most people are sure that Brandi was the gift that he was talking about.

He Has a Tinder Account

Many celebrities have a Tinder account, even though some don’t want to admit it. We can be sure that Donald has a Tinder account because that is how the couple met. He says he is glad that he started the account because if he hadn’t, he never would have met Brandi.

The Red Carpet is a Crazy New Experience

Since Donald started dating Brandi, they have stepped out on the red carpet together. When interviewed, Donald said that the red carpet was a crazy new experience for him. While he is the son of a billionaire, he hasn’t spent much time in Hollywood. He told a reporter that even though it was a crazy experience that he enjoyed it. He loved being photographed with Brandi on his arm.

He Is “The Girl” In the Relationship

According to Brandi, Donald is the girl in the relationship. She says that he is the one who remembers every detail about how their romance began. She says that he remembers everything and she doesn’t remember much at all. According to Donald, this is fine with him. As long as he has Brandi by his side, the details of the beginning aren’t that important.

Brandi’s Past is a Non-Issue

Anyone who reads the tabloids knows that Brandi has had a long history with men. She was married to a man who cheated on her and she even once dated her Uber driver. Donald says that he doesn’t care about her past. All he cares about is that he is her present. He told In Touch magazine that everyone has a few bad relationships while they are searching for the right one.

Since they started dating, Brandi and Donald’s names have been all over entertainment magazines, websites, and the tabloids. If you want to learn more about Donald, you will likely be able to follow up on his life with these media sources.

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