Eden Sassoon: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you may have seen Eden Sassoon on the show. She is the newest cast member on the show. If you don’t watch the show, you may recognize her name. She is actually the daughter of the late Vidal Sassoon. He is the man who created the Vidal Sassoon hair care line from the ground up. If you want to learn more about Eden, read on.

She Admired Her Father Her Whole Life

Eden grew up living in her father’s home. During that time she says that she admired him more than any other person that she has ever known. She says that not only did he teach her about business and hair, he was also always there to help her with her problems and to listen when she needed a sympathetic ear. She says that his death devastated her, however, it is her goal to achieve greatness like he did.

She is a Devoted Mother

Eden is a single mother of two. She has a son named Tyler Devito who is 10 years old and a daughter named Olivia Devito who is 11 years old. She shares custody of her children with her ex-husband Tome Devito, who is a popular filmmaker. She says if she can be half the parent that her father was to her, that she would be happy. She is a very devoted mother to her children.

She Gets Along Great With Her Ex-Husband

It is not uncommon for a couple who is divorced to have a bit of animosity towards each other. This is not the case with Eden and her ex-husband, Tome. She often posts photos her her children with their father and his new family on Instagram. She also sends him birthday wishes on the social media site, telling him that he is a great ex-husband and a wonder friends. She says that co-parenting is very important to her, and Tome makes it very easy.

She Doesn’t Drink

Eden is sober and doesn’t touch alcohol. It isn’t because she had a drinking problem in the past, she just never has been a drinker. She believes in living a clean life, and alcohol doesn’t fit in with her way of life. Since most of the women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills love to drink, Eden might feel left out. When asked about this, she stated that she has friends who are drinkers and the fact that she doesn’t drink has no effect on her friendships at all.

She Owns Her Own Businesses

While she is the heiress to the Vidal Sassoon company, she spends most of her time running her successful hair salon called EDEN by Eden Sassoon and her two successful Pilates studios. She has a very strong work ethic. She says that there is nothing better than going home at the end of the day exhausted after a long day of work. She says that after her marriage ended, her father convinced her to do something for herself. She started therapy right away and then she opened her first Pilates studio.

She Is Good Friends With Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna has been a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for years. She and Eden had met a few times in the past and they have several mutual friends. Since they started filming the show, however, they became very close. Eden says that her friendship with Lisa isn’t just for the cameras. She says that she found a true friendship in Lisa and she really values their friendship.

She Looks Very Young For Her Age

Eden is 43 years old, yet she looks like she is in her early 30’s. She says that the reason for this is that she lives a clean lifestyle. She is often on a cleanse of some type and she eats a very clean diet. The fact that she doesn’t drink helps her look young as well. Eden believes that everything that she puts into her body has a direct effect on her appearance. She also says that clean living has helped her continue feeling young.

She is an Optimist

Eden has a very optimistic view regarding life. She says that she tries to keep negativity far away whenever possible. She believes that the past should be left in the past and that she should always focus on her future. Many of the women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have a different view regarding life. Only time will tell how these women are able to get along since they have such different views.

She Likes Younger Men

Eden is currently single, however, she has been in a relationship since her divorce was final. She was dating singer/songwriter Jesse McCartney. He is over 10 years younger than her. Their relationship was serious while it lasted, but they were only together for two years. The began dating in 2011 and in 2012 they called it quits.

Eden’s Net Worth

Eden has managed to do quite well for herself. She has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Part of this is due to the fact that she is an heir to her father’s hair care fortune. The company is worth $150 million, but there are other heirs to the fortune. It is also due to the fact that she is running three successful visits.

If you want to learn more about Eden, you can catch her on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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