10 Things You Didn’t Know about Courtney Barnett

courtney barnett

Courtney Barnett is a massively popular singer and songwriter with killer guitar skills. If you haven’t heard of her just yet, it might be because she’s Australian and her music is more prominent in the Australia and other countries than it is in the United States; at the moment. She’s quickly becoming a more famous face in the US due to her amazing sound and her sheer skill and talent. There are plenty of people who make it as stars in the US, but not all of them have the same kind of raw talent behind the mic that Courtney Barnett has. She’s been through it all, and she’s got the killer skill to tell the world about it through her writing, her playing and her singing. If you don’t know her yet, it’s time to get to know her; she’s going to have an impact on your life.

She’s got a patience problem

Courtney Barnett is an impatient person. She doesn’t like to wait for anything, so she doesn’t even cook or wait for a meal to be cooked. She will just eat whatever is hanging out already ready to eat without any prep or any work involved. I kind of love that idea.

People told her she’d never be famous

She’s Australian. That’s awesome; I love people from Australia because of their amazing accents and the fact that every Australian I’ve ever met has been just the nicest person imaginable. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t care. Growing up, people told Courtney Barnett that her talent was there, but her dream of being a musician was silly and just a dream as being Australian meant she’d never have the opportunity to actually make anything of her music career. I guess she’s proving them wrong, right?

She’s got a temper

As someone with one of my own, I get it. Sometimes you’re upset and you cannot handle it until you’ve released your anger by stomping your feet or yelling at something or pouting for a while. Basically, I’m an overgrown toddler. Her dad also has a temper, and she picked up on that from him. I don’t know where mine came from, but I’m going to guess perhaps my 2-year-old twins.

She’s compulsive

I think there is a good chance that Courtney Barnett and myself could be good friends in the real world. I, too, have compulsive tendencies. She is like me in that she will go throughout the house and check to make sure the doors are locked a half dozen times. I do the same thing – which is a big deal when the first floor of my house alone has nine exterior doors. Being compulsive might not seem like such a big deal to some, but to those of us who have the tendencies it can be a bit of a problem if we cannot go through the routine.

She’s an SNL pro

She might have only performed one time on SNL, but she rocked it out. Courtney Barnett and her band killed it back in May 2016 when they performed one of their hit songs on the hilarious show, and everyone was in love with what they heard. This was just one step toward becoming a household name in the US, because who doesn’t love SNL?

She’s a lesbian but it took her a while to know it

Even though Courtney Barnett was dating a girl in high school, she maintained she was not gay. She says now she has no idea if she was in denial or what, but coming out wasn’t all that easy for her because she wasn’t even sure she was gay. She was just dating a girl and she just liked her and she just let it go at that and continued to go on with her life without labeling or defining herself. The more we think about that, the more we love that idea as a whole. She’s a person; that’s all that matters, right?

She starts things and never finishes them

You know, we all do that. I cannot tell you how often my husband will begin a project and only finish it when I gently harass  remind him that it needs to be finished right now. Courtney Barnett is a lot like that in that she has a list of running songs she’s writing that she’s never finished. She states she has an issue getting started and then stopping and then not being able to get back to her previous task at a decent time. She knows it, though; so that’s a good start.

She doesn’t care much for stuff

One thing that Courtney Barnett feels is that life in general is extravagant. Her grandmother instilled in her that she has so much more than so many people, so she feels that everything she has is a form of extravagance. She even bought a car one time but felt that it was too extravagant for her, so she sold it. Most everyone owns a vehicle, but she felt it was too much.

She’s not interested in selling out

Courtney Barnett is perfectly aware that she could work with bigger music labels and probably make bigger, more famous music. However, she finds the music industry to be a bit strange as a whole, and she is not interested in doing anything she feels is selling out. Of course, she also has no idea what it might look like to sell out and she’s not sure she won’t do it until she realizes later that she’s done it. Sounds to us like she feels the same way we all feel about our opportunities.

She loves “Grease”

Remember earlier when I stated Courtney Barnett and I could be great friends in real life? I actually think maybe we are family separated at birth. We are compulsive, we have tempers and we both love everything about “Grease”. Like me, she can recite every single word of the classic movie. I have every song on my playlist in my car, and I even know the moves that go with each lyric from watching the movie so many times. So much love for that movie.

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