10 Predictions on the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Show


Is it just us or does every year really seem to be Drake’s year? The artist is one of the best in the business, and he’s someone who manages to keep it together as often as others manage to fall apart. It was recently announced that he tops the list of nominees at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards with a staggering 14 nominations, and we have a distinct feeling he might take home several of those – more than several, in fact. A surprising fun fact about that little tidbit is that his 14 nominations means he’s the most-nominated person at the show for the third year in a row.

That’s pretty much unheard of, but Drake is a talented artist. There are other artists nominated, too, and you might recognize a few names. Kendrick Lamar has several of his own nominations, which is not surprising given how many he earned at various award shows that already occurred this year. Kanye West also has a bevy of awards to potentially take home when the show airs, and people love him no matter what he does. As the date that the show airs quickly approaches – it’s already next month – we have some predictions regarding the show. Imagine, if you will, we were right about them all. That would be awesome. On that note, the best way to predict the future is to remember the past.

Drake will win big

I think that this is the year Drake is going to take home the vast majority of the wins for the night. He had a stellar year with his big hits, and people are all over him right now. He’s one of the biggest stars in the world, and they all want more.

Kanye will ramble

If he wins anything he was nominated for – oh, who am I kidding? If he doesn’t win anything all night long, he will still find a reason to make his way onto the stage and provide the world with a rambling speech about nothing and more nothing, it won’t make sense and we will all leave more confused than when he began. It’s what he does best.

Kanye will remind us all he is married to Kim

Kanye West is nothing if not a proud husband. The man is married to Kim Kardashian, and he has managed to remind us all of that on a regular basis. The man is proud of his wife, though we aren’t sure he’s proud because he loves her personality or because he’s married to Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately for Kim, we have to lean more toward the latter.

Kanye will mention Taylor Swift

If there is one thing that Kanye will talk about, it will be his wife. However, if there is another person he is going to stand up in front of the world and mention, it’s Taylor Swift. The man makes her far more famous than she already is, and he looks a little silly for continuously finding himself in the middle of a teenage-girl type argument with, well, a young lady who was recently a teenage girl.

Kanye’s ego will swell

He’s up for MVP of the Year. Chances are high that he will take home this award, too, based on what he’s been up to all year. The man is everywhere. He was going to run for president, he fought Taylor Swift, he had a new baby and he did about a million other things this year, so he’s had more media exposure than anyone else out there. If he takes home this award, we have a feeling that he is going to become even more impossible to live with. Thankfully, it’s the Kardashians that have to live with him; not us.

Jay-Z will win

We don’t see or hear much from him anymore. He and his wife are billionaires together, so they don’t have to make appearances, talk to anyone or do anything they don’t want to do. For them, it works; it’s mysterious and it is interesting. They prefer to stay home and do whatever they do; we aren’t even sure he will come to this show. If he does, though, he will be short and sweet with his speech.

Beyonce will be best dressed – if she shows

Her husband is nominated for a few things, so she might just show up. If she does, people will talk incessantly about what she is wearing, how she is behaving, their marriage, their daughter and everything in between. They will love her, they will want to be her, and they will not stop talking about her. Of course, she might not show up. Her husband probably won’t show up, for that matter.

Rihanna and Drake will make out

Drake already told the world he’s been in love with her since he was 22, and they’ve been very friendly for some time now. Of course, they might be taking things quite slow at the moment, but what do we know? We think it’s a given these two will arrive together, leave together and spend the evening together, and we kind of love the entire situation as a whole.

Kendrick Lamar won’t get as much love

He was a big winner earlier this year at award shows, but we aren’t sure he will be this time around. This time around he is up against a lot of music that is very similar to his own, and we think that there are some other artists that might see a bit more love this time around than Lamar. We still like him, though.

Someone will make fun of Chris Brown

He’s crazy, and no one seems to care. However, someone is going to make fun of him and the year he’s had. We know it, and his recent run-in with the police at his home makes him an even bigger and more entertaining target. The man has issues, but he makes for a great joke when it comes to being funny.

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