Fadi Fawaz: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Fadi Fawaz

The world was saddened on Christmas Day 2016 at the passing of legendary musician George Michael. Perhaps none took the grief as hard as his partner Fadi Fawaz. It was he who found Michael lying in bed on Christmas morning. The two had planned to have lunch together and were both looking forward to their Christmas. This was a shocking discovery for Fawaz who had no clue as to what had happened to his life partner. He had not been there at the time of the star’s passing and sadly offered that George was alone when he died.

He appeared to go peacefully in his sleep and it was later determined that the fifty three year old singer died of heart failure according to his manager. We haven’t heard much about Fadi Fawaz in the press, but in addition to being the special person in Michael’s life, he has made some amazing contributions to the world that deserve a second look. Fadi Fawaz is a unique individual who merits discussion and letting the world know a little more about him. Here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about him.

1. Fadi Fawaz was only well known in certain circles

He has remained an obsure figure with regard to public exposure up until he fell into the spotlight recently. He was George Michael’s boyfriend, but not much was reported about him. Even though he ran in circles which included the very rich and famous, there wasn’t much of interest for the press to report until recent events. Now people are curious about the man who captured the heart of the late singer.

2. Fadi Fawaz is a hair stylist

He was not just an average hair dresser. Fawaz catered to celebrities and is well known in these circles for his skill and talents. He has worked with some of the most famous people in the world and for his clients, he is not just an obscure figure, but rather the professional who helps them achieve the look that they desire.

3. Fadi is an avid photographer

You can look on his Flickr account to see some of the examples of his photography. This man whom we are just beginning to learn more about it actually multi-talented. His work smacks heavily of realism as well as impressionism with a bit of illusionist influence. There is great depth in each of the works that he has posted and this gives us a little more insight into the complexities and depth that lies within the man.

4. Fawaz was the one to first find George after his death

This was a truly heart wrenching tale to hear. Fadi went to wake George because the two had made plans to enjoy a Christmas lunch together. He discovered that Michael had passed in his bed. This was a tragic end to what the couple had planned to be a beautiful Christmas that both were looking forward to.

5. Fawaz and Michael kept their relationship low profile

We’re not quite sure why, but we are supposing that the reason that they kept their love a secret from the masses is because they wanted to enjoy their privacy. This kept the press from becoming overly active in snapping photos as often (they still got a few). George had kept a low profile in the past few years and Fadi appears to have been doing the same.

6. Fadi and George became a couple in 2009

The two began their private relationship after the split between Ken Goss and George. The rumors indicate that they were inseparable from that time until George’s passing. Fadi tweeted that he will miss George forever. This firm declaration of his love lends credence to the suspicions that the two had become remarkably close to one another.

7. Fadi was there for George during the tough times

Although Fawez wasn’t there when George died, he had no way of knowing that this was going to happen because it was quite unexpected. He was terribly grieved at the discovery, but he stood by the singers’ side when the chips were down. He stayed with George as he went through rehab battling drug addictions within the past year.

8. Fadi Fawaz is believed to be the last person to see George Michael alive

The two were together the night before Christmas. They were photographed at Michaels’ Cotswold stone mill in Goring on Thames on the night before Fawaz found the singer gone in his bed. He was most likely the last person to see or speak with Michael.

9. Fadi is also grieving for another close friend who passed in 2009

Fadi was close to his friend Stephen Gately of Boyzone. Gately’s heart stopped beating resulting in his death. He took the news very hard and it is reported that he is still haunted by the loss. It appears that for all of the enjoyment that he has known in his life, Fadi Fawaz has also had his share of hardships and heartaches.

10. Fadi Fawaz is a real person who is not well known by the masses

It is all too easy to place our focus upon the people who rise to super stardom and miss finding out about the interesting people with whom they surround themselves. Fadi Fawaz is a real person with feelings and a history with George Micheal. He is worthy of some positive attention for his contributions to the stars that he works so hard to beautify as well as for the love and care that he gave to our beloved George Michael. He is forty six years of age and he was born in Australia.

He has enjoyed his privacy and carried on his love affair with Michael because the two had a strong desire to maintain their privacy. We support his need to remain private, especially now during the holiday season as he deals with his most recent loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Fadi Fawaz, along with our regards and recognition for being the special person that he has been, carrying on behind the scenes and staying safely out of the lime light.

Photo via Twitter

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