Five of our Favorite Heather Thomson Tweets

heather thomson

Heather Thomson is a former real housewife from the Big Apple, she’s a mother, she’s a friend and she is a businesswoman. She is a lot of things, but she’s not trying to live her life so much in the public as she is trying to live it for herself and for her family these days. She left the hit reality television show in 2015, and so far she doesn’t regret it for a moment. As someone who has never been a real housewife (though Bravo really should consider us West Coast Florida girls….most of us have twins, so it could be a nice spin – just saying), I can’t even imagine what a difficult situation it must be to live your life on national television in front of everyone when it’s not always good.

Heather Thomson isn’t living her life on reality television anymore, but she’s still living her life and allowing her social media fans a chance to keep up with her that way. It’s a lot nicer for her, but it doesn’t mean she’s not still the same hilarious, sassy woman she was on television. We’ll keep you updated right now.

She keeps her friends  What we like about Heather Thomson is that she has managed to keep her friends. What that tells us is that they have a great respect for one another, some serious admiration, and they really do enjoy one another even when cameras are not present.

She appreciates the good things in life 

We know that service dogs are some of the most important animals in the world. They are needed for so many things you might not expect they are needed for, and they play such a huge and important role in life. When someone recognizes that, we appreciate them even more.

She gets it  Heather Thomson is a woman who knows that supporting other women is a good idea. In fact, I still don’t get why we aren’t supporting one another. I figure for many women it might have something to do with their own lack of happiness in their own lives not allowing them to move past and support other women for fear they might do better. I wish we could all get over that and just support one another.

She loves adventure 

Who doesn’t love a woman who can be a total lady in the streets and a total bad you-know-what when it comes to adventure? Heather Thomson is not afraid to put her Louboutins back in their dust bags and put on her hiking shoes. We love that.

She loves Fridays 

We know that only the best people in the world love a good Friday, and we are relieved that even Heather Thomson appreciates one as much as we all do. It’s like a drug; Friday rolls around and we are all high on life. It’s the only kind of high we should be – just to point that out – but it’s a good one.

Photo by Getty Images 

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