Five Predictions about Jordan Rogers and JoJo Fletcher’s Marriage

jojo and jordan

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers are living the good life right now, now that they are engaged and finally able to take their relationship public. However, now that they are planning their wedding and their future together, we have to wonder what might happen to them? We have so many questions, and so many fleeting thoughts that might not mean anything, but sometimes you get just get a feeling from people, right? Well, we have a few feelings that might be bad and that might be good, and we thought we’d just share them with you. We don’t know either of these people, but we do know that we begin to form opinions watching the show; here’s what we’ve got so far.

They’ll beat the odds

One prediction that we are hoping for is that they will beat the odds. There are not that many men and women who have made it work from this particular television franchise but when you do the math, it is the women who tend to make the winning picks. So perhaps she has a better head on her shoulders than previous bachelors and bachelorettes, and maybe they will make it work.

Cheating allegations will come forward

One woman has already come forward that we know of to accuse Jordan Rogers of being a cheater. His ex came out earlier this year and stated that he ended their relationship after she found out he was seeing another woman behind her back. We don’t know if it is true, but we do know that things like that happen somewhere.

It’ll run its course

Now that their relationship is public and they are excited to be together, things are super good. However, we do wonder if there is a chance that perhaps this is a relationship that will run its course over time and will end up in a mutual statement of admiration and love for one another even though they could not make things work. We do have to go ahead and say that they will find out later they will not work out.

She’ll find out more about him

Now that they are in the real world and she’s getting to know him and his family more, we wonder if JoJo is going to find out things about him she doesn’t like. For instance, whatever happened between him and his brother is a mystery, and it might be one she’s not sure she will like. We don’t know, but we do know that she’ll get to know more about him and perhaps all those people who say he’s not who he seems to be will end up being right.

They’ll be wed on television

When these two decide to get married – if they make it – we predict it will be on national television and that they will relish the fame and fortune that brings. It will be over-the-top and the focus will be on whether or not his brother will attend the wedding; it will be so much less about their actual wedding.

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