10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gennifer Flowers

gennifer flowers

Gennifer Flowers is simply not the kind of woman that other women look up to or respect, even if she does have an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is a woman who really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, but she’s just not a role model. At no point in our lives as women do we think to ourselves that we would appreciate our own daughter’s living their lives by her example. Nor would we want to do so, either. Gennifer Flowers is the former Penthouse model who engaged in an affair with former President Bill Clinton and later publicized it for the world to hear about. What we get from her is that she is probably a woman with self-esteem issues – because what other kind of woman become willingly involved with a married man and later sells her sad tale to the highest bidder?

She’s been out of the spotlight for some time after selling her story, causing an uproar, ruining her own reputation (because people still seem to love the former president and his wife for whatever reason), and she’s back in the spotlight after rumors swirled that she was invited by Donald Trump to some presidential debates. We thought that we might get to know her again after all these years now that she’s back to being the ex-president’s ex-lover looking to make a quick buck and a new name for herself. Boy do we wish that women would just have some goals and stop making our gender look so sad.

She says she was involved with the former president for 12 years

When she first announced that she was the woman who was sleeping with the president, she made it a public point to tell the world that she was not just some mistress to the former governor of Arkansas, even though that’s when their affair began. She made a point of telling the world that for 12 years she was with the president and that he loved her and that they had a good relationship.

She continued to sell tapes of her conversations with the president for many years

After Gennifer Flowers announced that she was the woman who was sleeping with the president, she then made a huge deal of it for many years. She took every opportunity she was given to make sure the world knew she was there and that she was not going away. Even after the president admitted that he was with her in the 70s, she continued to try and sell tapes of their conversations to the highest bidder.

She ran a club in New Orleans

Until the 2005 hurricane that changed the face of this beautiful city, Gennifer Flowers ran a cabaret club in New Orleans. She then left for New York to help create a new career for herself. She wasn’t able to run her club anymore after it was destroyed.

She’s an actress

Gennifer Flowers is a woman of many talents. She’s starred in adult-roles, she’s been on stage Off-Broadway, and she made a point of starring in a few other things over the years as well. The only issue for her is that she’s not a serious actress and she made sure that the rest of the world didn’t take her seriously with her famous affair.

She published a memoir

There was a time when she decided to try her hand at writing, and it was a good idea. She published a memoir in which she told all the sordid details of her life and her affair with the president to the people who were willing to pay for the book. It turns out that sex sells and that she likes to make sure she gets a nice profit from the fact that it does.

She claimed innocence in her affair

She managed to milk this story for all that it was worth for decades, yet she makes it a point to say that she is pretty much innocent in the entire situation. She calls herself naïve and tells the world that she is not someone who knew what she was doing and that she let Bill Clinton tell her what to do.

She believes Hillary Clinton enabled her affair

We aren’t even entirely sure what this means, but she has said more than once that the presidential candidate knew that her husband was having an affair and that she did not care. Of course, there are many stories like this over the course of the years considering the fact that the man was involved in more than one affair that turned out public; most people do assume she stayed with him only so she could further enhance her own political agenda. How very Fitz and Mellie of them, right?

She loves Bill Clinton

He is, as she says, the love of her life. She claims that she spent 12 years with him and that she loved every second of it. What we don’t know is whether or not she wanted to spend her life with him and he ended it, or if she just got tired of being the other woman.

But she Favors Donald Trump for President

Even though Bill Clinton is the self-proclaimed love her life, she still doesn’t want to see another Clinton in office. She’s a fan of Donald Trump, and she will be voting for him come time to vote. Well, at least we get her Republican vote in the upcoming election. We can’t be too mad at that one.

She doesn’t care for Hillary Clinton

Not that we thought she did considering she was in love with her husband for much of her adult life, but she just doesn’t think that she’s a good enough woman to be a role model for other women. She doesn’t believe she ever put forth the hard work to make women have a good name, but I guess it does take one to know one so that makes a bit of sense in that she wouldn’t care much for her.

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