Heather Nauert: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born January 27, 1970, Heather Nauert is the new spokesperson for the United States Department of State. She has spent her career in front of the camera, delivering news to the public, with most of her career being dedicated to the Fox station. Nauert was born in Rockforde, IL and ranks third in popularity there in her hometown. Nauert has spent a lot of years reporting the news, and now she finds herself in the news with her latest career move. She’s held a lot of different positions doing newscasts, including time with Good Day Early Call and Good Day New York Wake Up, with co-anchor Steve Lacy. She’s also co-hosted the weekday edition of The Big Story, on Fox News Channel and spent time on general assignments with World News Tonight, Good Morning America, The Strategy Room and Nightline. Neuert is set to take over as the Spokesperson of the State Department. She will leaving FOX and heading on a new endeavor in Washington. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Heather Nauert.

1. New position at the White House

After spending more than 15 years gathering and reporting on world news, Heather Nauert is moving to the White House to become the new spokesperson for the State Department. It’s been said that President Trump has always complimented Nauert’s career and ability to report the news. He has also said that he respects FOX in general, with how they handle reporting the news, but it was Nauert he wanted to join him at the White House for the position of spokesperson for the State Department. When Nauert was asked to take the position, she decided to leave her days at FOX behind and take the job. As of April 24, the position is hers.

2. Member of Council on Foreign Relations

Heather Nauert is a member of Council for Foreign Relations, an organization that is considered a “think tank” and deals foreign and international affairs. The non profit was formed in 1921 and is based out of NYC with an additional office in Washington DC. There are currently 4,900 members that include politicians, bankers, lawyers, professors and senior media personalities.

3. Birthstone

Heather Nauert is 47 years old. She was a January baby, born on the 27th, which means that her birthstone is garnet. She is also an Aquarius on the Zodiac chart, and she was born in the Chinese year of the dog. Looks like all the stars were lined up just right when she was born because she has had quite an exciting and successful life so far.

4. Tweeted about Nordstrom after Ivanka Trump dump

When the famous store Nordstrom declared they were dumping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, Heather Nauert got online and sent out a Tweet. She asked Nordstrom if the liberals had gotten to them and then declared that she was going to buy Ivanka’s shoes and wear them all on Fox News. Apparently the news of the store dropping Ivanka did not sit well with Nauert and she was going to let them know about it.

5. Before her fame

Where did Heather Nauert go to school and what was her degree in? If you’ve ever wondered where Heather Nauert received her degree from and what exactly she got her degree in, the answer is Columbia University. Before she accepted her position on Fox News, Nauert graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She now has over 15 years of experience as both a correspondent and anchor of both, foreign and domestic news.

6. Instagram followers

Heather Nauert is not only good at what she does, but she’s beautiful and intelligent. People all over, have fallen in love with Heather Nauert and enjoy watching her on Fox News. She has gained quite a following of fans and as of now, has over 32,000 followers on her Instagram account. I’m sure she will continue to keep her fans updated on her new ventures at the White House, so keep following.

7. Biggest stories

Every news anchor remembers their biggest stories they helped to cover. Nauert is no different. Over the years Heather Nauert has been a part of bringing the details of some of the most devastating stories, to the world. Some of the biggest stories Heather Nauert reported on include, 9/11, the Iraqi War and the genocide in Darfar, Sudan, but now she will be “in the know” in Washington and bringing us news from the White House.

8. First job

Fresh out of college, Heather’s first reporting job was reporting with a weekly big business program called, First Business. The show was viewed in more than 100 markets across the country. Since her beginning, Heather has really proven her skills in journalism. She was even selected for an Emmy for contribution on the series, “13 Around the World.” She joined the Fox News Channel in 1998, where she started as contributor and worked up to a correspondent. A lot of what Heather did on the Fox Channel was to act as a contributor to their show, “The Big Story.”

9. Has two boys

Heather Nauert and her husband, Scott Norby, have two sons. Heather and her investment banker husband, Scott Norby, have been married since 2000. They dated a number of years before walking down the isle, and did not have their first child until 9 years later. Their first son, Peter Raymond was born in October of 2009, then just thirteen months later, their second son, Gage William, followed.

10. $3 Million Net Worth

It has been reported that Heather Nauert has a net worth of $3 Million, and it’s really no surprise with the extensive news career that Nauert has carved out for herself. She has climbed the ladder of news reporting with an impeccable track record of being able to get and report on the important stories of the world. She has worked with some of the biggest names in news reporting, including Ted Koppel. Heather Nauert has been able to set the bar high when it comes to newscasters and I’m sure there are plenty of newbies out there who hope to follow in her footsteps.



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