Hunter Biden: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

The media often follows the First Family very closely. This includes the President, the First Lady, and their children. The Vice President and his family are mentioned occasionally in the media, but it is usually only when there is a story or a scandal. It is not too often that a spotlight will be done about the Vice President’s son’s and daughter’s lives and favorite activities. Joe Biden is the former Vice President of the United States and he has a son named Hunter. If you want to learn more about Hunter Biden, read on.

He Survived A Deadly Car Accident

In December 1972, Hunter was 2 years old. He was driving in the car with his mother Neilia, his brother Beau who was 4 years old and his sister Naomi who was 13 months old when it was hit in an intersection by a tractor trailer truck. Sadly, his mother and his sister were killed in the accident. Hunter has a fractured skull and his brother broke several bones. Both boys were in the hospital for a long time recovering.

He Was Very Close to His Brother

Hunter and his brother Beau grew up very close. After losing their mother and their sister, they leaned on one another through their entire lives. Hunter was the best man at Beau’s wedding. Also, from 2007 through 2015, Beau was the Attorney General for the state of Delaware. During that time, Hunter worked as Beau’s political adviser. According to Hunter, Beau was his best friend for as long as he could remember.

He Lost His Brother

Losing one’s mother and sister is tragedy enough for anyone for a lifetime. Sadly, Hunter lost another family member, his brother and best friend, Beau. In May 2015, Beau passed away from brain cancer. Beau says that it is one of the most difficult things that he has ever endured. He says that he will never get over the loss of his brother.

He Served in the Military, But He Wasn’t Formally Enlisted

Hunter’s brother beau was enlisted in the U.S. Military from 2002 until 2015. He also deployed to Iraq. Hunter wasn’t enlisted, however, he was a direct commission officer in the Naval Reserve in 2013. He held the position of public affairs officer. Sadly, a month after he was commissioned he was discharged because of drugs. He was drug tested as part of his appointment and his test came up positive for cocaine. According to Hunter, he deeply regretted letting his family down and he was very embarrassed by his actions.

He Was Involved in the Ashley Madison Scandal

Ashley Madison is a dating website for people who are looking to meet people for extramarital affairs. In August 2015, the names and information about the registered users were leaked. It was a scandal that mentioned the names of many famous celebrities and politicians. One of the names on that list was Hunter’s. The listing had his name and his email address. He claims that he hadn’t used that email address in years and that it must have been hacked. Since Ashley Madison didn’t require users to verify their email address, it cannot be proven whether or not Hunter really did sign up.

He is a Father

Hunter has three daughters who he loves very much. He is always bragging about Finnegan, Maisy, and Naomi. He says that he may have had problems with his marriage, but that will never take away from the love that he has for his daughters.

He is Going Through a Messy Divorce

Hunter is going through a very messy and painful divorce from his wife Katherine. She filed for divorce, stating that Hunter’s behavior was unsafe and that he could not be around the children. She has also stated that Hunter blows tens of thousands of dollars each month on drugs, strip clubs, and hookers. Hunter has denied several of her accusations.

His Marriage Was Over Way Before His Wife Filed

Hunter’s wife stated that part of the reason that he was unfaithful. Hunter disagrees. He says that they have been separated for a long time and that it was only after they separated that he started seeing other women.

His Father is His Idol

According to Hunter, his father has always been and always will be his idol. He says that he had always wanted to be just like him.

He Is Dating His Brother’s Widow

Hunter’s name was all over the news again recently after he confirmed that he is dating is late brother’s widow. He says that after Beau died, they leaned on each other to deal with their grief. Eventually, their friendship turned to romance.

If you want to learn more about Hunter, continue reading the news. As more details about his divorce and his relationship with his brother’s widow are sure to keep his name in the news.

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