Jason Wahler: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

If you have ever watched MTV’s Laguna Beach or The Hills, chances are you know who Jason Whaler is. He was the bad boy on both of the shows. He went from girl to girl, breaking hearts along the way. The girls in his life couldn’t resist his good looks and his charm. Since the cameras stopped rolling, Jason found himself in trouble often and his name was always in the news. Luckily, he has managed to get his life together since then. If you want to learn more about Jason, read on.

He Was Always Athletic

Jason loved sports and he always excelled at them. He loves surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and water skiing. His favorite sport was baseball growing up. He won the Most Valuable Player award several times and he broke scoring records. He dreamed of being a professional baseball player and with scouts in the stands at his high school games, his dream looked like it would be a reality.

He Dated Lauren Conrad

When Jason was filming Laguna Beach, he started dating Lauren Conrad. He was still in high school and she had just left college. The two were getting along great until Jason started flirting with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica. During a fashion show put on by the kids, Lauren caught Jason and Jessica kissing, and she ended things. The couple got back together a few years later when Lauren was filming The Hills. She had the chance to go to Paris for work, but she said no. Instead, she wanted to spend the summer with Jason. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last. His addiction to alcohol took over his life and destroyed his relationship with Lauren.

He Has a Long Arrest Record

Due to his addiction to alcohol, Jason has been arrested six times alcohol-related incidents. Many of them were drunk driving arrests and he even got arrested for fighting in a nightclub in Mexico. He says that if he didn’t get sober, he would probably be serving time in prison today.

He Was On Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

Jason tried to quit drinking many times. He even tried to make the people in his life believe that he had stopped, but he never got treatment. It wasn’t until 2010 when he appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew that he finally decided that it was time to get some help.

His Time on Reality Television Contributed to His Alcoholism

Jason says that he cannot blame reality television for his addiction, however, he says that it did fuel the fire. He says that being famous, finding success overnight, and the money in his pocket helped him get addicted much faster than he would have had he not been on reality television.

He Made Amends With Lauren Conrad

Part of the 12 step recovery process is making amends to those who you hurt with your addiction. Jason contacted Lauren Conrad and apologized for his role in their breakup.

He Was Suicidal

Jason’s addiction was so bad that it caused him to become depressed and then suicidal. He says that he thought about suicide several times and he attempted it once. He took 10 times the recommeded dose of the Antabuse that he was taking to help him quit drinking. Luckily, he was found and got the treatment that he needed in time.

He’s a Married Man

After several failed relationships and a broken engagement, Jason met Ashley Slack, who he says is the love of his life. He credits her for helping him to get sober and they were married in 2013.

He Found a Career in His Recovery

After he beat his addiction, Jason decided to dedicate his life to helping others with the same problems. He is the owner and manager of Widespread Recovery, an alcohol treatment center. He also makes personal appearances and talks about his struggles with alcohol and how he beat it. His brother Rick, also a former addict, is the Director of the company.

He Has a Baby on the Way

In February 2017, Jason announced that his and his wife are expecting a baby. During an interview with US Magazine, he stated that he found out that she was pregnant on New Year’s Day and it was the best news that he had ever heard.

If you want to learn more about Jason, you can follow him on Instagram or you can check out his website. Chances are, he will be in the news again, but this time it won’t be about an arrest. It will be when he announces the arrival of his baby.

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