Jeremy Calvert: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Jeremy Calvert

If you are a fan of Teen Mom 2, you know who Jeremy Calvert is. If you have never watched the show, here is a little background on this handsome man. After Leah Messer split with her husband and the father of her twins, Corey, she met Jeremy. The pair fell in love pretty quickly and they moved in together. It didn’t take long before the couple was married and expecting a child. It wasn’t long before they were having problems, and they divorced. The do a good job co-parenting their daughter, however, Leah still has her issues with Jeremy. He has recently been in the news again as he is moving in with his new girlfriend. Many people think that it is too fast, however, if you look at his relationship with Leah, fast is his normal speed. If you want to know more about Jeremy, read on.

He’s Not Shy When It Comes to Posting Photos

Not long ago, Jeremy posted a photo of himself in bed with his girlfriend and he was shirtless. While this would have been fine, it was what she was doing with her hands under the covers. The caption read that he drives her crazy. For some, this is too racy. For others, it is just a young man trying to have fun.

He Loves His Daughter

If you have ever looked at Jeremy’s social media, you would know that he loves and treasures his daughter. He is constantly posting pictures of his daughter alone, of them together, and of her with his entire family. He is very proud of his little girl and he wants the world to know it.

His Family is Very Important to Him

According to Jeremy, family means everything to him. When we saw him with his ex-wife Leah and her daughters, it was very obvious that family is important to him. He is the same way with his immediate family. He says that at the end of the day, all you have is family and you need to try to always keep them as close as possible.

He is Playfully Sarcastic

Jeremy has a playfully sarcastic nature to his personality. We could see a bit of that when he was filming Teen Mom 2 with his ex-wife. If you are following him on Instagram, it would be even more obvious that he is sarcastic by nature. He often posts sarcastic photos and memes to his account. He doesn’t mean any harm, it is just in his nature.

He Loves a Woman Who Can Cook

Jeremy never discussed Leah’s cooking skills on social media when they were married, however, he loves to talk about his new girlfriend’s cooking skills on social media. He says that she is an amazing cook and he is amazed by what she can do in the kitchen. It is nice to see that he appreciates her and he wants the world to know it.

He Has No Problem Using the Block Button

Like most people his age, social media is a way of life for Jeremy. Many of the other stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are also all over social media. Some of them get angry and hurt by the haters on social media, but not Jeremy. If he gets messages or comments from people who offend hi, who are mean, or who he feels are up to no good, he has no problem blocking them. He would rather block out the negativity than feed into it.

He Doesn’t Think That Leah is a Good Mother

When Jeremy was married to Leah, she had custody of her twin daughters. Jeremy says that during that time, he didn’t think that Leah was a good mother. In fact, he often feared for the twins’ safety. He doesn’t say much about his fears when Leah has their daughter, chances are he is still a bit nervous about her safety as well.

He Doesn’t Want Leah Back

Over the past year or two, there have been rumors that Jeremy wanted to get back together with Leah. According to Jeremy, this isn’t true. The couple even met up for dinner while filming Teen Mom 2, and Leah, who was drinking, told Jeremy that she thinks that they were wrong for giving up on their marriage and their daughter’s future so quickly. Jeremy didn’t feel the same way.

His New Girlfriend Seems Great

Jeremy’s new girlfriend’s name is Brooke, and so far, she seems to be much more down-to-earth than his recent flings and even his ex-wife. Brooke seems to bring out the best in Jeremy. Hopefully, this relationship has what it takes to go the distance.

10 He Wants No Part of Leah’s Problems

Leah has had many problems over the years, and many of them are about her poor parenting. She loves drama and she is very immature and Jeremy wants no part of it. He loves his daughter and he wants to be safe, therefore, he is more relaxed when she is with him. When asked about his feelings regarding Leash’s constant drama, he says he wants no part of it.

Jeremy seems to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. He loves his family and his daughter and he is starting out in a new and healthy relationship. If you want to learn more about Jeremy, you may be able to catch him from time to time on Teen Mom 2.

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