Jo Rivera: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

If you are a fan of Teen Mom 2, you know who Jo Rivera is. He is the father of Kailyn Lowry’s son, Isaac. The couple broke up years ago and they have both moved on with new relationships. Over the years, Kailyn and Joe have been through a lot between breaking up, making up, and fighting for time with Isaac. Luckily, the pair has found a way to get along and co-parent successfully. This is great considering that Kailyn is already going through a public divorce Javi, the father of her youngest son, Lincoln. If you want to learn more about Jo, read on.

Jo Is Engaged

After Jo and Kailyn called it quit for good, Jo met Vee Torres. In the beginning, Kailyn was completely against their relationship. She often checked out Vee’s and Jo’s social media sites to find a reason to keep Isaac from seeing Jo is Vee was around. Over time, Kailyn got past the anger and became friends with Vee. Today, Jo and Vee are engaged to be married.

Jo is a Father of Two

Jo is Isaac’s father, and he is a good one. On October 4, 2015, Joe and Vee welcomed their daughter, Velissa or Vivi for short, into the world. When the baby was born, Vee wanted to post the announcement on social media. Jo asked her to wait so that he could finish telling his family and friends the great news first. He wanted those closest to him to hear about the wonderful news in person rather than online. Vee immediately agreed.

He is an Aspiring Rapper

It is Jo’s dream to have a successful career as an artist. He is pursuing a rap career under the name, N.I.C.K.B. He hasn’t spoken much about a rap career since 2011, therefore, it isn’t known whether or not he is still trying to find success as an entertainer.

He Doesn’t Get Along With Kailyn’s Ex Husband

Jo and Javi haven’t always go along. Even when Kailyn was trying to build a relationship with Jo and Vee for Isaac’s sake, Javi never seemed to be on board. When Kailyn went to dinner with Jo and Vee to celebrate Isaac completing the first grade. Javi didn’t want to attend the dinner and he wasn’t happy that Kailyn was going. The two men never really had a huge fight, but Javi always lets it be known that he wasn’t Jo’s biggest fan.

Jo Moved to Be Close to Isaac

When Kailyn moved to Delaware because it was where her husband at the time, Javi was stationed in the military, it moved her far away from Jo. In order for Jo to spend time with his son, the pair had to drive for hours to meet up for the pick ups and drop offs. Jo realized that it wasn’t the best thing for everyone, so he made the huge decision to pick up his life and move to Delaware so that he could be close to his son.

Rumor Has It Jo Doesn’t Have a Job

For years, people have been talking about the fact that Jo doesn’t have a job. He even went on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special and told Dr. Drew that he didn’t work and he didn’t think that he had to. Some people consider filming for Teen Mom 2 a job and since Jo gets paid, technically he does have a job. He just doesn’t drive to a job where he works 40 hours per week.

Jo Is Still There For Kailyn and Issac

After all of the problems that Jo and Kailyn had over the years, he is really stepping up to help Kailyn these days. On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn and her ex, Javi, are struggling through the ending of their relationship. The pair had a huge fight about Javi stopping by without calling and about Kailyn having another man at the house. As the fight escalated, Isaac got upset and Kailyn called Jo to pick him up and keep him for a week. Being the good father that he is, Jo had no problem getting Isaac out of the volatile situation and he took him home. This just shows how far they have come as parents and friends.

Jo Isn’t Interested in Changing the Custody Order

After Kailyn and Javi’s explosive fight which required Jo to take Isaac on his unscheduled days, Jo’s fiancee, Vee, suggested that Jo goes back to court for 50/50 custody. Jo stated that he liked the situation the way that it was and that he could see Isaac whenever he wanted. He told her that he saw no need to change the custody order.

He Has a Very Supportive Family

Jo is blessed to have very supportive parents. When Kailyn and Jo first broke up, Jo lived with his parents who helped him learn to be the amazing father that he is today. His family has always been there for him and they likely always will be.

He Took Kailyn to the 2016 Video Music Awards

When Kailyn and Jo stepped on the red carpet together at the 2016 VMA’s, rumors that the two were getting back together started to spread like wildfire. As it turned out, the pair just went as friends because Javi was deployed and Vee couldn’t make it. If you want to learn more about Jo and his family, you can catch him on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights.

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