Justin Trudeau: 10 Things You Didn’t Know


Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. At 46 years old, he is the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada. He is also the first Prime Minister elected who is the son of a former Prime Minister. His father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister in the 1970’s through the 1980’s. The Liberal Party leader was elected Prime Minister in 2015. The young family man seems to have been born to lead the country.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Justin Trudeau.

He was born on Christmas Day

Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Canada. His father, Pierre, was Prime Minister of Canada at the time. His mother is Sophie Sinclair. Justin is the eldest of three sons including Alexander and Michael. Michael died in an avalanche in 1998. Justin lived in the Prime Minister’s residence from the time of his birth until 1979. He attended public school and liked to camp with his father because while camping, his father was not the Prime Minister but just dad.

He worked as a teacher

Justin earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1994 from McGille University and his Bachelor of Education degree in 1998 from the University of British Columbia. He worked as a substitute teacher in Vancouver before entering politics. Once asked if he understood Quantum Computing, Justin was able to recite it. Justin entered the public eye when he gave his father’s eulogy in October 2000 at his state funeral. He entered politics following in his father’s Liberal Party. Justin advocated for many causes, particularly environmental causes before election into the House of Commons in 2008.

He has 3 children

Justin married Sophie Gregoire, a classmate and friend of his brother Michael, in 2005. They met at a 2003 Canadian Grand Prix event. Their wedding reception was held at the St. James Hotel in Old Montreal, the same place he proposed marriage. The Trudeaus have three children, Xavier, Ella-Grace, and Hadrien.

He acted on television

In 2007, Justin appeared in the CBS miniseries “The Great War”. He played the role of Talbot Mercer Papineau. Papineau was a Canadian soldier in the first World War and also the country’s first Rhoades Scholar. Papineau was killed in the Battle of Passchendalle.

He believes in an open door policy

Justin has recently been in the news for his support of Canada’s “Open Door” policy. He believes in allowing immigrants to legally enter Canada. Justin has said that Canada will continue to allow immigration and will support the legal immigration of those rejected by the United States of America.

He has a tattoo

Justin has 2 tattoos. He got the first one at thee age of 23. It is a picture of the Earth. At 40, he got a second tattoo. It is a raven illustrated by Haida artist, Robert Davidson, and surrounds the tattoo of the Earth.

He is a feminist

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly labeled himself a feminist and has been true to his word. Upon election as Prime Minister, he appointed woman in half of his cabinet seats. He supports gender equality and women’s rights.

President Nixon predicted he would become Prime Minister

In April of 1972, United States of America President, Richard Nixon, visited Canada. Then Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and his wife, Margaret, hosted a gala in President Nixon’s honor at the National Arts Center. Nixon made an ominous toast at the event. He said: “I’d like to toast the future Prime Minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau.

He is called the “Canadian Kennedy”

Justin has been nicknamed the “Canadian Kennedy”. Not only is he young and handsome, but he comes from a lineage of political men. His father, Pierre, was Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 until 1979 and from 1980 until 1984. His maternal grandfather was James Sinclair who served as the MP of British Columbia from 1940 until 1958. The Sinclair Center in downtown Vancouver is named for Justin’s grandfather.

He is a yogi

Justin Trudeau has proven to have a talented brain and a talented body. A yoga enthusiast, he showed off his prowess when he balanced his body on the weight of only his arms, the “Peacock Pose” which was caught in a 2013 picture. He also won a “Fight For the Cure” boxing match. He has been seen doing one handed push ups.

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