Karlie Redd: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Karlie Redd has earned a name as an American actress, television personality and hip hop artist. Born in New York, Redd spent most of her childhood in Trinidad and then returned to the states to the states to attend the Harlem School of the Arts. It is unclear of how old Karlie Redd really is; she doesn’t like to reveal her real age, but she does have a grown daughter, Jasmine, who is in college. Karlie has made appearances on many television shows and even in some movies, include Black Spring Break 2 in 2001, in 2008, she was in VH1’s realty show, Scream Queens, as well as she was cast in their reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, in 2012. In 2012, Karlie also released her hip hop single, A Girl Has Needs. Although we may not know Karlie’s real age, there are other bits of trivia we do know, and here are 10 of those tidbits:

  1. Father of daughter Jasmine – Karlie doesn’t divulge too much information regarding her daughter Jasmine’s father, but sources close to her have been known to say that 59-year old Nathan Hill, a man who is currently serving a lifetime sentence in prison, is Jasmine’s father. If this is true, it is no wonder why she prefers to leave this detail out.
  2. Was not happy her daughter was revealed – Karlie tries to keep many things a secret in regards to her personal life. One secret she tried to keep under wraps while on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, was the fact that she even had a daughter. Apparently, this little secret made it out and was revealed on the reunion episode of the show and she wads not too happy with the news.
  3. Famous before 16 years old – Karlie’s career got started early. Before she became known on pop TV reality shows, Karlie worked in commercials, movies and modeling. Before she even turned 16 years of age she already had 40 credits in the industries, combined – a good start to her career.
  4. Haircare product launch – In 2012 Karlie took her skill to a different level by launching her own haircare product line called Redd Hairline. She likes to dabble in the beauty industry and it’s no wonder with her own natural beauty, she would like to share her secrets.
  5. Hip hoppin’ with famous hip hop artists – Karlie has had the pleasure of working other famous hip hop artists. Two of her favorite hip hop artists she has had the privilege of working and performing with include Tyrese and Jamie Foxx; two people she admires in the business.
  6. Relationship – Karlie has had relationships with different men over the years, but one of the most talked about was with her co-star, Raymond Scott, AKA Benzino. It is rumored that they are no longer together, so we can’t help but wonder, who’s next?
  7. Has had a killing in her career – Karlie is definitely rolling in the dough. She has carved out quite a healthy income for herself in her multi-faceted career and earning millions doing so. She earned a hefty figure for her part in the movie, Black Spring Break 2, as it had a net worth of a whopping $25.4 million. Her personal net worth has not been made available yet.
  8. Not very tall despite being a model – When you think of a model, one characteristic you think of is height. Yes, Karlie has done some extensive modeling, but no, she is not tall. Actually, she is really quite small, standing at just 5 foot 3 inches. This shorter stature hasn’t stopped her from landing all types of modeling jobs since she is such a natural beauty and is quite built for her size.
  9. Has gained quite a following – Social media is one way people love to keep up with their favorite celebrities and following them on their media outlets is one way to keep in the know-how about their lives. Karlie Redd has acquired quite a following on her Instagram site. She now has a respectful 374 thousand followers and we’re sure it is only going to keep growing as her career does.
  10. Won’t find info on Karlie on Wiki sites – Many people turn to Wiki sites to learn about their favorite stars. There you can learn all about their history, personal info, career history and more. If you try to pull Karlie Redd up on Wiki, you will soon discover that there isn’t really any information on these sites about her amazing career or personal life. She has worked hard to keep a lot of information about her life tight-lipped and so far, she has done a good job doing so.

If you are a fan of Karlie Redd, you are not alone. Millions of people have grown to love this celeb who has such an amazing, wide range of talents and she just continues to grow with her time in the limelight. Keep following Karlie to see where she’s going to turn up next because with her talent and experience, you never know what she’s going to do with it next.


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