Kathryn Dennis: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Who is Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and what exactly is she famous for? Well, for one, she is famous for? Well, first, she has a long heritage of politic giants in her lineage. She is a southern beauty that was born and raised in the heat of the south, Charleston, South Carolina, and is most recognizable for being a southern socialite. She is still very young herself, but is already a mother of two and has a real flare for southern living and history. Her pedigree, as a matter-of-fact, is quite extensive. She is a shoe-in for a political future, if she chooses to continue to pursue her passion. Because of her background, beauty, and stylish appeal, she was also chosen to hold a spot on Bravo’s hit show, Southern Charm. Dennis has gotten the attention of the public for a lot of reasons, but it has been her battles with men and addiction that have been creating much of the attention these days. If you watch Southern Charm, you may know a little about this Southern Belle, but ere are ten things that you don’t know about Kathryn Dennis.

1. Related to a famous president

The name Calhoun is no mistake. It is a family name and it has been passed down from the infamous Vice President John C. Calhoun who served as the 7th Vice President of the United States, and served under both President Andrew Jackson and John Quincy. Her grandfather, Rembert C. Dennis was a well-known name on the South Carolina Senate for a long run. He is remembered for his impressive turkey mating call he used to open a Congress session once.

2. Was a page for a senator

Dennis started her political career by attending the University of South Carolina and studying political science along women’s studies. She also served as a page to a senator in the South Carolina Senate, John Land, then went on to intern in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. This was a good start to a strong political career, especially when you consider the match between her education and her background, however, her decision to join a television reality TV show may have sent her future career into a tailspin. If not, it’s likely been given a detour, for now anyways.

3.  Committed to her community

Dennis has a lot of old southern values that she was raised with. Despite her appearances on national TV and the drama the TV show can bring out in you, Dennis still holds true to the southern charm and values she was taught. She is determined to preserve the old southern values and give back to her community. She has even talked about how she hopes to run for office one day so she can continue her efforts of being involved with her community in a deeper way.

4. Was dating wealthy ex-playboy

One of Dennis’ biggest achievements along with the biggest drama creators in her life, has been her on and off relationship with 51 year old, Thomas Ravenel. They met on the show, Southern Charm, and began dating. Shortly after, they had their first child. The relationship was tumultuous and they called it quits multiple times. According to her, during a brief reconciliation, she got pregnant and they had their second child. There have been legal issues and court appearances regarding the custody of their children ever since. After a failed drug screen at court, Dennis did lose custody of her two children to Ravenel and was only awarded supervised visitation.

5. She’s been arrested

Dennis has battled addiction problems for several years, claiming it has been a lot, due to the stress of the relationship with Ravenel. She was arrested in 2012 for disorderldy conduct, which does not look good on a political background check. She has had issues with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, which she tested positive for at a court hearing regarding her children’s custody.

6. Started modeling as a child

Dennis has always had an interest in modeling. Her first experiences with modeling were when she was 14 years old. She hasn’t pursued anything in the business recently, but it is a passion of hers, and her social media pictures do show that she still does dabble in it a little. With her beauty and the height, standing at 5 feet, 10 inches tall, modeling would seem like a natural interest.

7. Picture of President Obama and John Calhoun

Of course there is a picture of Dennis’ famous descendant, in the white house. It is one of those pictures that you would see in any history book and VP John Calhoun looks the stoic part with the famous hair that you see on all the men of that era. A snapshot was taken of President Obama when he was in office, walking past the VP, and it was posted on the internet – a picture of present day political figures next to old generation political figures.

8. Involved with a new beau

Now that Ravenel is in her past, Dennis has been seen hooking up with a new guy. Several photos emerged of her with a new, seemingly much younger guy, than the father of her two children. It has been said that this is a guy she used to date some years back, and at one point, even moved in with the guy. The move-in situation didn’t work out, but they may be giving it another try.

9. Spent time in rehab

After being caught for drug and alcohol abuse, Dennis was sent to rehab. She seemingly left South Carolina and travelled all the way out west to California to begin treatment. She now claims that it did her a world of good and that she has big plans to get her life back on track. She says that rehab for her, was way more than just about substance abuse issues.

10. She has a mini-me

Dennis loves to talk about her children. They are her pride and joy and her touchstone in life. She has one daughter, Kensington (Kensie), and a son, St. Julien. She is often photographed with her two kids and claims that Kensie is her little mini-me. Just in the photographs alone, you can see that there is a lot of resemblance between mother and daughter. Maybe Kensie or St. Julien will carry on the political family lineage.




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