The Latest Alternative Health and Well-being Trends Favored by Celebrities

The choice of alternative medicine, treatments and therapies available to us seems to grow daily, and there are always those remedies that are trending thanks to celebrities raising awareness about them. Sometimes the first time you’ll hear about a particular treatment is because someone famous has tried it and spoken about it. Here we look at three alternative practices that have gained a following in celebrity circles recently.

Ancient remedies for 21st-century stress

While many celebs are believed to use certain alternative therapies, it was beyond doubt on one occasion that actress Gywneth Paltrow had tried out one particular treatment. At a film premiere back in 2004, Gwyneth’s low-cut dress revealed tell-tale signs that she had been treated with the ancient Chinese remedy of cupping. This is where cups or cones are applied to the skin with suction and a vacuum forms, drawing blood to the skin surface. The benefits associated with cupping include pain relief, blood circulation stimulation and the drawing of Qi energy to the treated area. A downside is that the cupped areas appear bruised for a few days, but Gwyneth certainly didn’t seem to mind.

Living in the limelight can be a double-edged sword; with the amount of attention on stars sometimes being too much for them to cope with. We’ve all seen examples of celebrity meltdowns when the pressure of fame has become too great. That’s one of the reasons why many celebs seek a sense of balance through Eastern medicine practices like Ayurveda. Fans of Ayurvedic treatments and medicine include Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Goldie Hawn and Madonna. This traditional medicine has its roots in India and its focus is finding balance between the five natural elements of nature and the three doshas that we all have within us. Ayurveda is often practiced in conjunction with meditation, yoga and other exercise.

Seeking spiritual guidance

Angelina Jolie is a star who has often sought the assistance of clairvoyants in her wish to communicate with her mom, who passed away when Angelina was only 32. In life, the two were very close, and Angelina is bound to draw comfort from having that spiritual connection with her mother. Like her daughter, Marcheline Bertrand was an actress but also a humanitarian. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for Angelina’s humanitarian campaigning work.

While Angelina probably has a clairvoyant who comes to her home, anyone can try out clairvoyant readings by booking online. Sites like TheCircle have a range of psychic readers available to help their clients on the phone, by chat or video chat. These psychics can provide guidance and insights on any aspect of life that concerns their clients.

The understandable attraction of gem therapy

Believers in gem therapy think that particular gemstones have the ability to radiate specific energies which can have a positive effect on one’s well-being and mood. Carrying a crystal or gem with you is a simple and easy way to add that extra level of spiritual connection and they have the added bonus of being attractive too.

Actress Uma Thurman has long been a gem therapy fan and is often seen wearing a carnelian necklace, which is said to boost vitality and a sense of happiness. Victoria Beckham also has a love of crystals, saying she collects them and has them dotted around her home and office. She also carries pink amethyst (compassion and peace inducing) and black tourmaline (a grounding, supportive stone) with her.

The great thing about alternative treatments is that anyone can try whichever seems most appropriate for what they’re hoping to address. And if it doesn’t provide the desired results, there’s always something else you can try instead. If you’re looking for a recommendation for a therapy, just check out which famous faces have put them to the test.

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