Matthew Koma: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Matthew Koma

In 2015, when Hillary Duff was recording her album, Breathe In. Breathe Out, she worked with Matthew Koma. At the time, she was married to Mike Comire at the time. According to reports, even though she was married, she and Matthew Koma had serious chemistry. Not that Hillary is divorced and free, it has been reported that she and Matthew are dating. The couple even spent the weekend together at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara. It is the same hotel that she and Matthew Koma spent their wedding night. Since Hillary is one of the sweetest girls on the face of the Earth, she likely didn’t do it as a dig at her ex. Matthew is not Hilary’s first boyfriend since her marriage ended. She dated Jason Walsh for five months last October. If you want to know more about Matthew, Hilary’s current man, Matthew, continue reading.

He Worked With “The Boss”

Matthew had the distinct pleasure of working with Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen. He produced a remix that was released as a single on Bruce’s last album, Rocky Ground. Considering what a legend Bruce Springsteen is, this is a huge honor. Being a producer at such a young age just goes to show you how incredibly talented Matthew is. Bruce Springsteen doesn’t work with just anybody and the fact that he picked Matthew to work on one of the singles from his album is huge.

He Co-Wrote a Song

Matthew is more than a producer, he is also a songwriter. In 2012, he teamed up with the artist, Zedd, and they wrote the song Clarity together. The song went on to winning a Grammy Award. This is a huge honor for professional songwriters. For Matthew, it was amazing since he is not normally a songwriter. He has a lot to be proud of with that accomplishment. This is just another thing that Matthew is pretty amazing at.

He Performed With Sting

Since Matthew co-wrote Clarity, he deserved to get on stage with Zedd and perform the song. Not only that, he also had the huge honor of getting on stage with the legendary Sting and they did a duet of the song together. Luck and talent are part of who Matthew is.

He Has a Dry Snack Bar

Matthew gets the munchies often when he is in the studio producing. To tide him over while he is working, he has a dry snack bar in the studio. He named it Dry Snack Sound, and it contains raisins, Goldfish crackers, giant lollipops, and some very strange Japanese snacks. If he or his pals get hungry, they have plenty of snacks on hand.

Find You Was Finished In His Childhood Home

In 2013, Matthew was producing the song Find You. He wanted to finish the song before the end of the year and he also wanted to spend the holiday with his family in his childhood home on Long Island. He came up with the perfect solution and he set up a studio in the basement. He even had his father singing backup vocals on the song. He says that it was one of the most fun jobs that he had ever done.

He Has Contributed to Beatport Tracks

Not only did he contribute to Beatport tracks, he contributed to five #1 tracks. According to Matthew, his best ones were Hardwell’s single, Dare You, Alesso’s, Years, and Zedd’s, Spectrum. It seems as though Matthew is pretty great at everything that he does.

Matthew Produces Dance Festival Music

If you are planning to attend a dance festival anytime in the future, chances are you will be able to hear something by Matthew. He has worked on over 14 songs. In the last year alone, he worked on Tiesto’s latest single, Wanted, Showtek & Justin Prime’s Cannonball Earthquake just to name a few.

He Started His Career at a Very Young Age

Matthew knew what he wanted to do at a very young age and he did it. When he was just 16 years old, he signed his first record deal. When he was 17 years old, he started his won booking agency under a fake name. He did this so that he could book himself to tour for the next four years, finishing when he was 21. Matthew was a very ambitious teen and that continued well into his adulthood.

He Has a Successful and Innovative Brother

Matthew’s brother has been a drummer since he was very young. He took his love and knowledge of drumming and he invented the Big Fat Snare Drum. Over the years, his invention has become a huge success. It is sold in stores worldwide and also all over the internet. The Big Fat Snare Drum has also been used by drummers all over the world. Matthew’s parents must be so proud of both of their sons.

He Lives in Starbucks, Sort Of

Matthew drinks so much coffee that you would think that he lives at Starbucks. He drinks more coffee than any human being actually should. He says that he needs his first cup of coffee to start his day and after that, he says that he drinks so much coffee because he really likes the taste.

Since he was 16 years old, Matthew has had an amazing career. It seems as though everything he touches turns to gold. If having an amazing professional career isn’t enough, now he has a pretty good personal life as well. Hillary Duff, also known as Lizzie McGuire, is not only a gorgeous woman, she also has a pretty good career these days. After her Disney Channel show ended, Hillary focused on her music and she took on small acting parts and did a few full-length feature films. She is currently starring in TV Land’s Younger, which has become a huge hit. If they can make their relationship last, these two have a great chance at being Hollywood’s next power couple. If you want to learn more about Matthew, you should start listening to his music or start reading the tabloids. Chances are you will see some pretty adorable pictures of him and Hillary in the next few months if their relationship continues.

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