Normani Kordei: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born in 1996 in Atlanta, GA, Normani Kordei is an American singer who has appeared on the X Factor show and is a singer in the Fifth Harmony, girl group. Normani started signing at 4 and with her natural talent, she excelled quickly, as well as her passion for music. Today, she is a Lyric Mezzo-Soprano with 4 octaves and 3 notes and has won a number of awards during her singing career. Outside of singing, Normani has also dabbled in modeling, modeling for Target and taking a few trips down the catwalk. She has a number of idols that she looked up to in the music world and often times, tries to tell herself she is one of them when she is up on stage performing. Normani has become more known in the public eye in recent times and gathering quite a following on her social, but here are 10 things you don’t know about Normani Kordei.

#1. She has 4 main musical influences

Normani was heavily influenced by 4 main big names in music. They are names that she considers to be the driving force behind her love of singing and her idols: Alicia Keyes, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson. Normani says that many times when she is on stage she will close her eyes and pretend that she is Beyoncé, and that gets her to open up and be a different person then she is in real life, which is typically a shy person.

#2. Had a little drama on the X Factor

While performing on the X Factor, there were rumors that Normani had a close friendship with Arin Ray. As a matter-of-fact, there were rumors that it was more than that, and apparently this didn’t settle too well with Simon Cowell. This caused a bit of stress on the show and Normani has said that is the one thing you don’t want to do is upset one of the team members of the show that sees potential in your singing.

#3. Competed in Miss Texas

Before the X Factor, Normani competed in the Miss Texas pageant and actually made it to the final, however, despite her winning and opportunity, Narmoni decided to take the opportunity to go to the X Factor to audition.

#4. Normani Kordei fights bullying

Normani has experienced cyberbullying herself, and has decided to take a stand against it. She wants to give others hope and rather than just taking down her social media outlets, she decided to team up with the nonprofit organization Cybersmile Foundation, a group that offers support to victims of cyberbullying. She has since realized that she is stronger than she thought she was and acknowledges that racism really does exist.

#5. Hobbies

Narmoni has several hobbies that include dancing, tumbling, watching scary movies, pretending to be a makeup artist and jumping on a trampoline. She also finds journaling her thoughts and watching her favorite show, American Horror Story. Of course, her favorite pastime is working on perfecting her craft – singing.

#6. Is a Global Ambassador

She has gotten very involved with several causes over the years that have grown near and dear to her heart. One of the organizations she works with is the American Cancer Society. She also recently began working with A Place Called Home, charity. Another organization she has gotten involved with due to her own personal experiences is Cybersmile Foundation; an organization started to help those who have been victims of cyber bullying.

#7. Has a special towel hanging in her room

Narmoni admits to having a childhood crush on singer Chris Brown. She happened to be at his concert when his career first took off at age 16 with his first hit, Run it. By pure chance, she was in the right spot at the right time, and she caught his towel he threw into the audience. Today that towel still hangs on her wall in her bedroom.

#8. Hates Tomatoes

Most people have a food they don’t care for or even hate. And usually when they do, they won’t eat anything that is made with the food. For Narmoni, the food she really does not like and will not eat is tomatoes. The strange thing about it is she says she won’t eat tomatoes but she will eat tomato soup and spaghetti sauce, which she thinks is so ironic. Go figure.

#9. Singer turned dancer

Narmoni has really beefed up her singing career then took a turn in a different direction to crank out some cool dance moves. She was asked to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars and now she is showing a whole new talent and doing quite well.

#10. Has lived in three states

Narmoni was born in Atlanta, Georgia but was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She currently resides in Houston, Texas and just so happened to be moving there right at the time Hurricane Katrina was brewing.

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