10 Things You Didn’t Know about Otep Shamaya

otep shamaya

Who doesn’t love the name Otep? Otep Shamaya probably adores it as an adult given that it’s impossible to forget her name. It garners attention, and it’s even the name of her metal band. As a child, however, we have a feeling she probably did not appreciate her name nearly as much as she might now. She’s a singer, and she is in love with her life. She doesn’t have a single problem with the fact that she is living exactly as she always imagined living, and it’s something that she has managed to do for herself. She didn’t have the best childhood, but she’s finally living a life that she wanted as a child, and it makes us want to get to know a lot more about her.

She had a violent childhood

Growing up, Otep Shamaya was not a child who had a picture-perfect childhood. She does not have happy memories around the Christmas tree with her family on Christmas morning. She didn’t get to leave out cookies for the big man every Christmas Eve that she baked with her mother when they returned home from Christmas Eve services at church. Her life is not one that produced happy memories for her. She didn’t have them; she had violence. She doesn’t like to talk about it, though, and it’s none of our business.

She’s 36

Otep was born on November 7, 1979. She’s going to celebrate her 37th birthday soon, and she is looking forward to growing another year older, another year more successful. She pushes very hard to reach the level of success she feels is appropriate for her, and we don’t blame her for that. She’s a woman who needs that kind of success in her life.

She didn’t have much growing up

In addition to a lot of violence as a child, Otep Shamaya was not a child who had a lot of money growing up. We don’t know much about her parents are what it is that they did, or did not do growing up. We do know that she lived in complete poverty and that she did not have much of anything at all. She doesn’t like to talk about it, though; she just likes to move on from it and get over the fact that she didn’t have a childhood she loved.

She doesn’t like to think about her childhood

When your life is a series of abuse, violence and sheer poverty, you don’t talk about it. It’s not something that makes you happy. Additionally, it is not something that helps you grow more in the future. It’s something that drags you down and back, and she’s not interested in going that direction.

She believes that people should not be blamed for their parents

If there is one thing that Otep knows for certain, it’s that you cannot choose your family. She knows that she was a product of a bad set of parents, and that she cannot be blamed for that. She knows that people don’t get to choose their parents, and that they cannot be blamed for their behavior, their choices and how they live their own lives.

She believes we create our own circumstances

She knew growing up that she wanted nothing to do with repeating the cycle that her parents were creating. She knew that she did not want to follow in their footsteps. She did not want to live in poverty. She did not want to repeat the cycle of violence and unhappiness that her family was so hell-bent on providing for her. She was not interested in that kind of lifestyle. All she wanted to do was create her own future, her own set of circumstances and change the cycle. She’s not a believer that we have to bother with what we are given as children; we make our own lives.

She’s a vegan

Otep does not care much for meat. In fact, she doesn’t care for it at all. She’s a vegan. What this means is that she will not eat anything that has to do with animals. We don’t believe she was raised this way, as her family was not overly positive in any light, and that she became a vegan as she grew older. It’s a personal choice that many people make when they grow up, and she’s not ashamed of it.

She’s a lesbian

If there is one thing we can say about Otep Shamaya, it’s that she is not ashamed of who she is. So many people spend time trying to hide their personal feelings and their true personalities so that others don’t judge them or treat them poorly. Otep is not one of those people. She’s a lesbian, and that is not something she has every felt was shameful about her life.

She loves animals

Throughout her adult life, Otep has made it a point to stand up for the rights of animals. it should not come as much of a surprise to anyone given the fact that she is a vegan. If she won’t even eat animals or anything that an animal created by dying to create it, she is not going to do anything else that has to do with the mistreatment or use of animals. She’s an advocate for their rights, and she is never shy about standing up for the correct treatment and humane treatment of animals.

Her net worth

Otep Shamaya might not be a name you recognize off the top of your head unless you are a huge fan of her type of metal music, but she has a huge fan base. She also has an impressive net worth. Otep Shamaya’s net worth is worth an estimated $4 million. This comes from the successful sale of her music, her tours and her hard work. She has successfully broken the cycle of poverty in which she was raised, and she is probably very proud of herself each and every day; as she should be.

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