Sam Asghari: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born in 1994, Sam Asghari was born in Iran and is of Persian decent. He is now a model, fitness trainer, and singer, here in the United States. Asghari is also tied to one of the most popular names in pop rock, Britney Spears. He has been all over pop culture news and media, being seen with the famous, 34 year old singer and it is rumored that they may be getting married soon. Asghari moved to the US with his family at a very young age in his teens and got involved with motivational fitness training and modeling. His good looks and impeccable physique have played a big role in his ability to land parts in music videos, including with Fifth Harmony and Britney. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Sam Asghari.

1. Met Britney Spears working on her music video

Britney Spears has been a pop culture icon for years now. The media and public has kept close tabs on her happenings since she her debut into the music world and she has remained in the news for one thing or another. Recently the news has been all about the latest love in her life, which happens to be Sam Asghari. She met Asghari while filming her music video, Slumber Party and they have been together ever since.

2. Younger than Britney

While Britney still looks amazing for her age, she is still a lot older than her new beau. Britney Spears is not 34 years old but her new guy, Sam Asghari is ? Well, he’s just 23. Although in pictures, they look like a good match in every way, he is still 11 years her junior. Whatever his age, they obviously made a match.

3. Britney to propose

The latest rumors have gone from Britney and Sam dating, to rumors that they are actually planning to get married soon. Along with the rumors of marriage is a twist on the proposal. It has been said that Asghari is not the one to have done the asking for marriage in this relationship, that Britney was the one to propose. I guess when a girl knows what she wants, she just has to go for it.

4. Has a sister in fashion

Sam isn’t the only one in his family who is becoming a popular figure in Hollywood. Asghari has a sister named Fay, who is a fashion model and has recently made her debut on the catwalk on Los Angeles Fashion Week. Sam and Britney were there for the first show and were photographed sitting on the front row together.

5. Big following on Instagram

Most every one in the public eye has an Instagram account and get fans to follow them. Asghari is no different, and he as accumulated quite a following on Instagram with 164,000 followers. And he will probably gain many more followers as his name becomes more synonymous with the infamous, Britney Spears.

6. Was a little chunky in high school

Sam has posted pics of himself on Instagram from back in high school, next to pics of himself today. The transformation is amazing and he admits that it took a totally different mindset for him to give up his old habits. He claims he used to eat basically eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is why he was a little more full-faced in his senior picture compared to the chiseled body he now sports.

7. Was very shy until recent years

Asghari says that he was extremely shy as a kid all through high school and until recent years when he began fitness training and gaining more confidence in himself. He has greatly improved on his social skills and with women, and today he understands what women want, and that is a confident man. He believes that there is nothing a woman wants more in her man than confidence.

8. Moving to the US brought him opportunity

Asghari is grateful to be in the United States because of the opportunity it has given him and his family. Moving to the US in his teen years has opened doors that he wouldn’t have had in Iran and he has said that moving to the US has allowed him to upgrade himself in this environment, and create a wealth for himself he wouldn’t have been able to in his birth country.

9. Is just a gentleman

Sam Asghari has been caught being a gentleman on more than one occasion. When asked about it, he says it is custom to be a gentleman in his birth country of Iran. Opening car doors for women is just part of being a gentleman, and that’s what the paparazzi and people out in public have noticed about Asghari, that he treats Britney like a gentleman. He has been photographed many times, opening her car door for her.

10. How tall is Sam Asghari?

Not only does Sam Asghari have big muscles, but he has the height to go with it, which makes him more appealing to women and to the modeling business. Sam is 6 feet and maybe an inch over he says. He’s got it all going for him.


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