Sarah Wayne Callies: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies is the star of Colony, which is one of the best shows on television today. She plays a mother and a wife in a world where aliens have taken over the planet. She is also part of a resistance group who is fighting against the aliens. Her husband is reluctantly working with them, which causes problems within the marriage. This isn’t Sarah’s first major role in a hit television show. If you want to know more about Sarah, read on.

Sarah and Her Family Are Highly Educated

Sarah was born in La Grange, Illinois. Her father is a law professor and her mother is an English professor. She followed in her parent’s footsteps and attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire after graduating from high school. During that time, she knew she wanted to be an actress, so she did theater work on the side. After graduating from Dartmouth, she moved onto Denver’s National Theatre Conservatory where she received a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

She Graduated From the Same High School as Barack Obama

When Sarah was a year old, her family moved from Illinois to Hawaii. Her parents both had jobs teaching at the University of Hawaii and Sarah attended school there. She graduated from Punahou High School, which is the same high school that President Obama graduated from in 1979.

She is a Wife and a Mother

When Sarah was studying at Dartmouth, she met her husband, martial arts instructor, Josh Winterhalt. The couple has one child together, a daughter. Her name is Keala Winterhalt and she was born in 2007.

Her Career Started Small

Sarah didn’t get her big break during her first acting role. She started out playing a former prostitute on Law & Order in 2003. Many of her former Walking Dead costars also appeared on this show. Soon after she landed small roles on Dragnet and Queens Supreme. Finally, she got her big break playing Jane on the short-lived series, Tarzan. Her work on this show got her noticed by the creators of Prison Break, and her career took off.

Her First Film Role Was a Flop

After Sarah took the role on Prison Break, she starred in a film called The Celestine Prophecy. It was based on the best-selling book by the same name. While the book did well, the movie didn’t. It grossed less than $1 million worldwide. While the movie didn’t go well, she didn’t let it stop her from having a successful career.

Her Popularity Brought Her Back From the Dead on Prison Break

Sarah was a much-beloved character on Prison Break. Due to contract issues, she was written out of the show. She was even killed off-screen. After the fans went into an uproar and the producers knew losing her was a mistake, they managed to work out a deal and she came back to the show. The writers made her return from the dead believable.

She Loved That Her Character Was Hated

Sarah played Lori Grimes on the Walking Dead. Her character was married to Rick Grimes, the leader, and hero of the group. When Rick was believed to be dead, she started sleeping with his best friend and she got pregnant. Fans hated her for this. She says that she got a kick out of it when fans would walk up to her and call her a horrible wife and mother. While it was strange for her at first since her Prison Break character was loved, she enjoyed the negative attention as much as the positive. When Lori was killed on the Walking Dead, some fans mourned her death while others celebrated.

She Had Nightmares While Filming the Walking Dead

During her stint on the Walking Dead, Sarah was constantly surrounded by actors and actresses in makeup, looking like a zombie. The makeup department does such a great job, that Sarah says that there were times that she was actually scared while filming. Her fear got so serious that she started having nightmares about the zombie apocalypse and being attacked by zombies. This may be the reason why she never watched the show when she was on and why she still doesn’t watch today.

She Begged Writers to Kill Lori When They Did

According to Sarah, she knew that her role on the Walking Dead wasn’t permanent. In the comic book, Lori was shot while holding her baby daughter. It was done differently on the show and Sarah had something to do with that. The writers wanted to keep her on longer but Sarah knew that it was time. Her death was heartbreaking. After giving birth and bleeding out, her son had to shoot her in the head to keep her from turning into a zombie. Sarah believes that it was the best way to say goodbye to Lori.

She is Great Friends With Andrew Lincoln

While their characters on the Walking Dead were often at odds, Sarah and Andrew Lincoln became great friends during and after her time on the show.

Sarah has had an incredible career thus far. She made her mark in film, however, it is nowhere near the popularity that she has earned on television. Her estimated net worth is $2 million and that number is only expected to grow in the future thanks to her amazing talent as an actress.

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