Seven Craft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

If you are a fan of the Bad Girls Club, you know who Seven Craft is. The Bad Girls Club is a reality series that puts 7 very aggressive, very confrontational, and very unruly women in one house to see what happens. Past seasons have shown that only the most outrageous women are cast. Many former cast members have had behavioral and psychological issues. Seven Craft is a currently a cast member on season 17. If you want to learn more about this outrageous and outgoing girl, read on.

Where is Seven From?

According to Seven, she is originally from Fort Washington, Maryland. She says that she had a relatively normal childhood. She got good grades while she attended Oxon Hill High School. During a confessional interview on the show, she says that it was always her dream to work in fashion.

She Works For DVF

After her high school graduation and before moving into the Bad Girls Club house, Seven was working for the clothing retailer Diane Von Furstenberg. It is not clear exactly what her responsibilities were with the company.

She Loves Selfies and Skateboarding

If you are following Seven on Instagram, you would know that she loves taking selfies and skateboarding. In many of her selfies, she is making a pouting face. If you look through her Instagram photos, you would see that she has pretty much mastered the duck face. She also loves skateboarding. She has mentioned several times that she loves the sport and that she is very skilled.

She Goes to the Gym

If you have ever seen Seven, you would know that she has a nice figure. She says that she didn’t get this way without working at it. Seven says that she spends several hours a week in the gym and she tries to eat right as much as possible.

She Loves to Show Off Her Body

Considering all of the work that Seven does in the gym, it is no wonder that she likes to wear skimpy clothes. She dresses relatively provocatively on the show and she is often showing a great deal of skin in her Instagram photos. According to Seven, she dresses this way not only to show off her amazing body but also her tattoos.

She Believes That She Learned Something From Being On the Show

According to Seven, being on the Bad Girls Club was an amazing learning experience. She says that she learned that she is stronger than she ever gave herself credit for. She is not afraid to speak her mind and speak up for what she believes in.

She Calls Herself the “Queen of the Hood”

Seven says that she is the Queen of the Hood. Some of the girls in the house called her out on that, however, saying that Fort Washington, Maryland isn’t the hood. It created a dispute in the house.

She Has a Bad Temper

If you have seen Seven on the Bad Girls Club, you would know that she has a pretty bad temper. Seven says that her temper is not a weakness, it is a strength. She says that it allows her to stand up for herself when necessary and if there is a fight, she won’t back down. She thinks that this is a good thing.

She Parties A Lot

If you follow Seven on Instagram, you would know that she likes to party. There are plenty of photos of her at the club and drinking. She proves this even more in the Bad Girls Club house.

She Was the Last Girl To Arrive At the Bad Girls Club House

On the season premier of the Bad Girls Club, each of the girls arrived either one or two at a time. The last girl to arrive was Seven. For some reason, the producers had her enter through the back door while all of the other girls came through the front door. Many people have since questioned if there was a hidden reason for them having her do this.

If you want to learn more about Seven, her temper, and her explosive personality, you should catch up on Season 17 of the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. The drama seems to get more and more serious each week. Critics believe that this will be the show’s last season, therefore, it may be your last chance to catch it.

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