Shannon Purser: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born in 1997, Shannon Purser is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a young, American actress that has recently made her debut in acting, as well as to the LGBT community, coming out as a bisexual and letting friends, family and fans know where she stands in her sexuality. She is still very new to the acting career and trying to adjust to both; being in the public eye, and her recent public admittance of her sexuality preference. Purser was recently under fire for posting a tweet aimed at a couple fans of her CW show, Riverdale. The comment upset many people in the LGBT community and she apologized for her “thoughtlessness” in a follow-up tweet, letting people know that she meant no harm. If you are a fan of the newcomer, Shannon Purser, now you learn ten things you never knew about her.

1. Worked in a movie theater

Shannon Purser was working in a movie theater when she landed her first acting job as Barb, on The Stranger Things. It was the role that brought Purser to fame. She was asked, in an interview, if she still worked there despite her moving into acting. Purser said it was a fun job, but she did need to take a break due to people starting to show up to see her on the job. It got a bit overwhelming.

2. Before she landed Stranger Things

Playing a role n an episode of Chelsea was Shannon Purser’s first paid acting gig. She then went on to play Barb on Stranger Things, the part that earned her fame. She has said that she was really surprised to learn that people were tweeting about the character because it was a small role, and she didn’t think anybody really cared about her. She loved that people had noticed the character, “it was awesome,” she has said.

3. Will appear in the Archie remake

Purser will play a recurring role on the reboot of Archie, Riverdale. She will play the role of Ethel Muggs for three episodes, and even though it isn’t one of the main characters or a long recurring role, she is looking forward to it, knowing the show was a hit. Her tweets tell you how excited she is about her new character and looks forward to playing the role.

4. Moving from TV to the big screen

Purser didn’t want to limit herself to just TV roles and kept her options open to anything in the acting world. Just recently, she has accepted a role in Melissa McCarthy’s movie, “Life of the Party.” She is looking forward to more movie roles as her career moves forward and as quickly as Purser has risen to fame in the few roles she’s already played, it is probably fair to say that we will be seeing a lot more of her in both TV and movie roles.

5. Shannon’s dream role

Most actors and actresses have a dream role. They know a character they have fallen in love with and think they could really nail it. Shannon Purser isn’t any different. According to Purser, if she could pick one role she felt like she was meant to play, it would Eleanor, from Eleanor and Parks, her favorite book. In an interview, Shannon says that this is one thing she is sure of, and has never felt this sure of anything else before. I guess we will have to wait to see if that ever becomes a reality for her.

6. She’s musically talented

Purser is musically gifted. She likes to play the piano and guitar, and her favorite songs to play are the cover songs from her favorite artists. She admits that she has a bad habit when it comes to learning new songs, however. She will learn the first few lines of a song she likes, get impatient learning the rest of it and move on. I guess it’s a good thing she’s only like that with music and not with her acting roles.

7. Recently came out about her sexuality

Purser opened up about her sexuality and says that she is Bisexual. She admits to having a hard time talking about it because she only recently admitted to herself that she was. She had to come to terms with it herself, and find out how she was going to accept this about herself, along with her faith and religion. Now she wants to help others who are struggling with the same issues and tweets about it to her fans to give them encouragement.

8. Attended Kennesaw State University

While living in Atlanta, Georgia, Purser attended Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, a college on the outskirts of Atlanta. For those who know Atlanta and especially the Kennesaw area, then you probably already know that the college was most known for its former name, Kennesaw Community College for years, but has since, transitioned into a University.

9. Was a cute kid

Shannon Purser was an exceptionally cute kid. There’s a photo of Purser as a kid that has circulated, showing her auburn hair in pigtails and her face dotted with freckles. She has a bright, almost mischievous grin on her face that is her favorite. In an interview where the photo was exploited, Shannon tells her fans that if she’s ever arrested, she wants that photo to be her mugshot.

10. Admits to posting too many selfies

Shannon says she knows she posts too many selfies on her sites, but explains why. She says that doing make-up is hard and that she’s proud of herself when she gets it right. She is obviously enjoying connecting with her fans and letting them get to see her and get to know her on her social sites, so I don’t think they mind too much.


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