Sharna Burgess: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Sharna Burgess was born to dance. At a very young age, Sharna began training in jazz, ballet and gymnastics. It was at the age of eight that her passion for ballroom dancing came to light when she began her training and soon after, started winning state and national titles. She has been ballroom dancing all her life and now holds a spot as one of the professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars, the position she is most recognized for. Sharna is a well-rounded kind of girl with an array of interests. She’s as elegant as she is tough and she doesn’t mind sharing details about her private life with who she is. She is beautiful and she is talented, but what else do we know about Sharna Burgess? If you want to know more about this dancing beauty, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Sharna Burgess.

  1. Held a spot on Burn the Floor – At age 18 Sharna moved to London and shortly after, retained a spot on the show, Simply Ballroom. Post Simply Ballroom, dance choreographer Jason Gilkison offered her a spot on Burn the floor and followed the show when they moved to broadway.
  2. Dancing With the Stars – Sharna made an appearance on the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars as well as, So You Think You Can Dance. During season 13 she was brought on as a troupe member and worked on both Australian and American versions of the show.
  3. Danced with Andy Dick – When Sharna was bumped to pro dancer on the show during season 16, her first partner she was paired with was Andy Dick. They were eliminated during week seven of the competition. Sharna has had a lot of partners to dance with on her shows since then, but you always remember your very first dance partner on something like that.
  4. Gunslinger – Sharna grew up a tomboy. When she wasn’t dancing, she was busy climbing trees and acting tough, which included shooting guns. When most girls are afraid of guns, Sharna is quite the shot and loves to spend time at the fire range. Apparently she is quite a sure-shot and can handle a gun as good as any guy.
  5. Member of the Mile High Club – Most people have heard about the Mile High Club, and if you know anything about its reputation, it may make you look a differently at Sharna, because according to her, she is a member of this notorious, and exclusive club.
  6. Got lost petting a dog – Sharna admits to an embarrassing ordeal she created when she was just three years old. An innocent act of petting a neighbor’s dog next door wound up causing the police to be called. When she left the dog she turned the wrong way for home and got lost for hours. Yes, that would be embarrassing but it obviously turned out ok.
  7. Sharna has a fear of heights – Although this isn’t uncommon; lots of people have a fear of heights, but apparently Sharna has a severe fear of heights and isn’t afraid to admit it. With a fear as big as she describes, I wonder how this affects her in any of her dance routines that would call for her to be lifted in the air by her partner.
  8. Mom used a leash – Sharna admits to being the kind of kid who always ran off, especially in stores. As a kid, she would play hide-n-seek while her mother shopped, but her mother never thought it was a game. Apparently Sharna’s mom got tired of Sharna’s stunts, and her answer to keep a tight leash on her, was with a leash. That’s one way to keep your runaway kid close by at all times.
  9. Went to school naked – Sharna did go to school naked, but only in her dreams. Most of us have had this sort of dream at least once in our lives, but apparently this was a common dream for Sharna. She says she would dream of showing up at school naked and wouldn’t realize she was naked until everyone started laughing at her.
  10. Hates cinnamon – Despite her cinnamon-colored hair, Sharna is not a fan of cinnamon, the spice. As a matter-of-fact, she can’t stand it and will not eat anything with cinnamon on, or in it – except one thing. Cinnabon. She admits to loving Cinnabons, and says it is just amazing, even if it is cinnamon.

There are a lot more trivia facts about who Sharna Burgess really is and you can get to know her better by reading more about her life on her personal social media, and by watching her on Dancing With the Stars.


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