Taran Killam: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Taran Killam is an American actor, born on April 1, 1982, who is best known for shows such as SNL, Scrubs, The Heat and 12 Years a Slave. Taran is married to Colbie Smulders and together they have two children. Taran has a range of  credits under his belt in the entertainment industry outside of acting, including work as a voice over artist, writer and comedian. He is known for working with a number of well-known names in Hollywood and now has created a well-recognized name for himself in the industry. He has had parts in many popular sitcoms among other branches of film and comedy. So what all is known about this up-and-coming rising star in Hollywood? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Taran Killam.

  1. Taran Killam attended UCLA for one year – Killam spent a year at UCLA in 2000 when he was accepted into their School of Theater, Film and Television. He continued to pursue , but ultimately ended up leaving the school in order to pursue his career in TV when he landed a part on MADtv. Killam has always said that even though he was only at the school for one year, he says that it helped him in his career as an actor, even still, he does still wish he’d been able to finish there.
  2. Jim Carrey a big influence – The one person Killam attributes to his success as a comedian and has the highest respect for in this field, is Jim Carey. He claims Jim is his idol and when he had the opportunity to work with him on SNL, it was like a dream come true.
  3. Rapped with Snoop Dogg – One of Taran’s favorite memories is when he got to rap with Snoop Dogg while working on Wild ‘N Out. When he talks about that experience, he asks, “Who can say they’ve got to do that?” Everyone has those moments in their life that you know you will never forget, and although Taran has had a few now, now that he has been in the industry for a while, still, moments like rapping with Snoop Dogg is one you don’t take for granite. It’s one, just like working with his comic hero, Jim Carrey, that you just never forget.
  4. Most memorable skits on SNL – When most people think of Taran Killam on SNL, he stands out for a few memorable skits. Most people remember Taran most and is highly recognized for his impressions of talk show hosts, Piers Moran, Rush Limabugh, Steve Doocy an d Andy Cohen.
  5. Felt like an outsider during tween years – Taran talks openly about the turmoil he had during his tween/teen years. He was always on the small side and a late-bloomer. He was also all into things like Star Wars, which didn’t exactly help him with the popular kids. It was then he began auditioning for parts in plays in school, which lead to his love for acting.
  6. Stand-up makes him nervous – Although Taran is a brilliant comedian, the one thing he confesses to that makes him extremely nervous, is stand-up comedy. He claims that he would much rather have a comic role to play as opposed to standing up in front of people and putting on a show. A crowd sitting back and staring at you, just waiting for your next line is a bit nerve-wracking. He has voiced that he definitely feels more comfortable  performing in front of a camera with a studio audience with lines that you have to memorize as opposed to winging it, or trying to be spontaneous and hoping you get a laugh.
  7. Worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger – During the film Gunther, Taran had the opportunity to work with one of the most famous names anywhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He talks so highly of Arnold and how easy it was to work with someone of his caliber. He knew all his lines, was always prepared. He talks about Arnold being a childhood hero for him; having his action-figure dolls and seeing his movies, so to work with him on film was beyond a highlight of his life.
  8. A family man – Despite Taran’s crazy schedule with acting and performing and loving what he’s doing, his true calling, he says, is a family man. He loves being married and being a dad to his two children with Colbie Smulders. To him, that is the greatest success of all.
  9. Clean-cut star – Is Taran a bad boy of Hollywood? The answer is no. Unlike many actors who go a little crazy when they become famous, Taran Killam has remained one of the good guys – clean-cut, if you will, of Hollywood. He says that he never smokes and does not even have one tattoo. He likes living a clean life and knows it will be a better example for his kids to live with the standards he’s set for himself.
  10. Net worth – So, with all that Taran has been up to in Hollywood over the years, do you know what he is worth today? We have found that Taran has a net worth of $4 million, as of the latest research. He has taken cuts in pay with his contracts, in the past, with shows like SNL, especially when he wads newer to the scene. Today, he has become a more visible and sought after name, and you can pretty much guarantee that with his impressive resume and ever-climbing popularity, that this net worth is going to keep growing!

Taran Killam is one name you will probably be seeing in the entertainment news more and more over the years as his popularity and experience grows. He is an interesting guy with apparently, an enormous amount of talent. There doesn’t seem to be much he can’t do, and he is always looking for his next challenges in the world of entertainment. Taran doesn’t know where all his career will take him, but he seems to be pretty open-minded about his journey. Whether he ever becomes one of the biggest names remembered in Hollywood, Taran already knows he’s made a successful career no matter what.


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