Ten Amazing Actors Still Seeking an Oscar Win

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In most of these cases, this is just not going to make sense. These are actors (and actresses) who have shown us an incredible body of work and a versatile range of characters and emotions. Yet, these are the actors (and actresses) who have yet to win an Oscar. We know everybody thinks of Leo when this gets brought up (more on him soon), but the truth about Hollywood is, there have been many great actors and actresses snubbed over the years. Leo DiCaprio is just one of many, as you will see. Here are ten actors (and actresses) who are still seeking out that elusive Oscar win…

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Leonardo DiCaprio

The truth is, we are pulling no punches on this one. What is wrong with the Academy that, year after year, Leo can out out amazing performances in the films he is starring in, yet year after year he gets ignored and snubbed come Oscar time? Honestly, he must have made someone who was very powerful, very mad, early on in his career. Because that is the only thing that makes sense as to why he has not yet won an Oscar. Even his performance in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which was one of his first, should have won him an Oscar. It is an unbelievable performance in every way. Academy needs to wake up on this one.

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Joaquin Phoenix

Think of all the roles you have seen Joaquin Phoenix in and it hits you, he rarely takes bad films. Just his recent performance in the movie Her deserves some serious accolades. Think about it, he was acting opposite of a phone. Yet he made you believe in the love in that movie. On the other extreme, you think of him like when he played the bad guy in Gladiator and you realize, he has really been snubbed by the Oscars. But why? Could it have something to do with his brilliant brother, River, who passed away, leaving behind a legacy that haunts Joaquin to this day?

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Johnny Depp

Okay, so you may look at Johnny Depp now and realize he makes big, blockbuster, Summer style movies. Roles in those movies are rarely ever up for awards. But if you gander back through his career, there was a time when that wasn’t so. There was a time when Johnny Depp took only powerful, brave, memorable roles. But did he ever get any accolades or Oscars for those roles? Not a one.

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Julianne Moore

You want to talk about a woman who puts everything she has inside her into every single role? Julianne Moore is brave, often taking on broken characters who most would be too scared to touch. Yet every time, even though she nails every movie she is in, she never has received an Oscar. That’s not right. You may have thought the list all men, but I had to throw a few females in, too. It is only fair. A snub is a snub, regardless of gender.

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Edward Norton

From American History X (in which he portrays one of the most memorable characters ever put on screen) to Fight Club, Edward Norton was taking roles that were blowing people’s minds and making us look at film (and ourselves) differently. He was very much the representation for the angst of generation X and Y (which culminated in a genius speech in the movie The 25th Hour). But you know who paid him no mind and no respect? The Academy. That’s okay, though. Norton seems like he would just drop it and break it on purpose just to show how little he cares. Yes, I imagine him as being that cool aloof in real life.

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Gary Oldman

Oh, come on! Now this is just getting silly. The man has been making unbelievable movies for how long now? Yet no one has felt moved or affected enough to give him an Oscar? Whether he is playing the evilest of all evil bad guys, or playing the loving commissioner to a failing city, Gary Oldman has never not been astounding. I would like to take a moment to point out on particular performance of his as the white rasta guy in True Romance. That performance alone should have won him, like, everything ever.

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Glenn Close

Again, maybe it would be easier to just focus on male actors for this list, but there are a few really worthy females as well. Glenn Close being just one perfect example. Putting her all into every single character she inhabits, she always leaves us breathless from her performances. Sadly, she has no Oscar to stand as proof this artistry. Yet.

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Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes has the kind of presence where, if he looks at you too long, you feel like you are about to die. He can be dashing when need be, but he seems to much prefer playing darker, ugly, twisted characters. And my God, he does it like few others. He really is up there with a guy like Daniel Day Lewis for how brilliant an actor he is, yet the man has never landed an Oscar in his life. Why?

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Robert Downey Jr

You need to realize, before the Robert Downey Jr  you know now, there was a darker RDJ. That darker RDJ took some amazing roles that should have earned him an Oscar (Chaplin, cough cough). The problem was, at the time his reputation as an addict and partyer was ruining his career. He has since bounced back in a big way. But sadly, they do not give Oscars to superheroes.  Trust me, I wish I was kidding.

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Brad Pitt

Long before World War Z, Brad Pitt was taking roles that were leaving people floored (by more than just his good looks). From Legends of the Fall to Twelve Monkeys, he was always pushing himself (and his craft) as far as it could possibly go. Yet, never has he gotten an Oscar for any of his performances. For a twenty plus year career full of great movies and great roles, that just makes no sense to us. What about you?

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