Ten Celebrities Who Died Under Strange Circumstances

Celebrities and are just like the rest of us. They work to make a living. They live and they die. And just like the rest of us, sometimes they die under very strange circumstances. It could be they died in strange ways, or could be that their death was unexpected and out-of-nowhere. With more than a few deaths that left us scratching our heads and with more questions than answers, here are ten celebrities who died in strange ways. Note the list is presented in no particular numeric order.

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Heath Ledger: We know it seems as simple as an actor who took a part too dark and made some poor personal choices that led to his death. But reality is, there were other celebrities (who we will not name) who were questioned about having hung out with the star the night before his death from an overdose. Though little else was made about that after the passing. We also think his brilliant and chilling portrayal of the Joker at the time of his death factors in to what makes his death seems so strange and eerie.

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Sonny Bono: Say what you want about his career, but skiing into a tree is a rough way to go. The worst part being, this is not the only person on the list who died that way. These two both died in strange ways, but also died in the same way.

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Natasha Richardson: We all think things like skiing and skateboarding are fun ways to pass the time, but we don’t factor in just how many deadly accidents can happen doing these things. Take Natasha Richardson for example. Another one who died while skiing. Sadly, leaving behind her children and husband, Liam Neeson.

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Aaliyah: We know plane crashes happen all the time, but it is extra sad when you find out it could have easily been avoided. Aaliyah was in a twin engine plane that went down in the Everglades simply because the pilot was under-experienced and over loaded the plane with cargo. A young and tragic death of a pop super star who was only set to become bigger and more famous had she been given the chance.

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Natalie Wood: It may seem really odd for me to have a photo of a boat here, but the above photo is not just of any boat. It is the exact boat Natalie Wood was on at the time of her death.  The actual story behind what happened that night has fueled many urban legends. All we know for sure is her husband, Robert Evans was on the boat. As was a very famous co-star of hers at the time: Christopher Walken. Wood was said to be deathly afraid of water her whole life, and it culminated in an ironic tragedy that may have had more going on then we really know.

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Brittany Murphy: There are many odd theories surrounding the untimely death of actress Brittany Murphy. Some say she died of an overdose. Her mother says she died because there was black mold in her house (which can, in fact, be fatal). All this is made even stranger by the fact that many suspected her husband may have been involved. What made it even crazier is that he died a short time later.

This one still has us scratching our heads.

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Jeff Buckley:  Jeff Buckley was not only one of the greatest singer songwriters of all time, but he is also part of our celebrities who died in strange ways list. In many ways, his death is the strangest of all. He was not depressed, had an album doing fairly well, and was more stable than he had ever been in his entire life. And just like that, fully dressed and in front of friends, he walked into the Mississippi river, and was found dead three days later.

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Marilyn Monroe: I know many say it was suicide, but there were signs something far more sinister may have happened regarding the apparent pill overdose Marilyn Monroe died from on the fifth of August in 1962. Many close friends seem to imply that her affair with President Kennedy may have factored in, but that seems the stuff of urban legend. Urban legend or not, it files into the list of celebrities who died in strange ways. People still speculate about her death to this day.

Michael Jackson: Again, perhaps some people just want to say Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose, and that’s fine. But if the case were that simple, why would his doctor at the time, Conrad Murray, be charged with involuntary manslaughter? Another example of a seemingly dark and complex story we will never know the truth about.

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Kurt Cobain: Some of you may think this a strange note to end on, but it really isn’t. There are countless documentaries about all the odd inconsistencies about Kurt’s death. Even this week there was a new story aboutanother note found at his suicide scene. Yes, he was depressed and it is probably that simple. But regardless, many people still speculate about Kurt Cobain’s death, which is why he made the list.

As sad as death is, sometimes when it is ambiguous like in these examples, it can lead to a lack of closure for people. Please note we left David Carradine of the list on purpose (same thing with Michael Hutchence).  So what did you think of our list of ten celebrities who died in strange ways, and who did we miss? Take to the comments and let us know.

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