The Five Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns Of 2016

Kanye West

When a person feels too much pressure or too much anger, it can cause them to snap and have a meltdown. This can happen to just about anyone, whether they are a celebrity or not. The only difference with celebrities is that when they have a meltdown, they can watch it the next day on the news or read about it in the tabloids. It is very difficult for a celebrity to have a meltdown without the whole world knowing about it. Over the years, there have been some serious celebrity meltdowns and 2016 had its own share of fights and meltdowns. Some just led to the celebrity being embarrassed and others led to the celebrity being hospitalized.

Kanye West

Kanye West is no stranger to erratic behavior and this past year is no exception. Some people believe that it was when Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint in Pairs that started Kanye’s meltdown. Others believe that it was the pressures of touring and his fashion line that wasn’t selling as well as he would have liked. Finally, some people believe that Kanye’s financial problems were the root of his meltdown. Whatever the cause, when he started ranting during a concert on October 19th, nobody was safe. He started with Hov and the fact that he wasn’t going to be on his new song. He blamed Apple and Tidal for the problem, but he also expressed his frustration with Hov.

Next, he attacked his mentor and best friend, Jay-Z. Kanye told the audience that he didn’t appreciate the fact that Jay-Z called him after his wife was robbed to see how he was doing. According to Kanye, the situation deserved a face-to-face visit. After venting his frustration about that he went on to rant about the fact that his children had never been invited to a play date with Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy. During a concert in November, Kanye stopped performing after just 45 minutes claiming that he lost his voice. He started arriving late for concerts and began posting bizarre photos on his Instagram account. Soon after, he checked himself into the hospital.

His reps stated that he was there to be treated for exhaustion. When he was released, he met with Donald Trump, which infuriated many of his fans. Even his wife wasn’t on board with his meeting and his support of Trump. He also canceled the rest of his tour, which is obviously for the best. He was using the stage to attack the people who he believed to have wronged him rather than entertain his fans.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice, aka Robert Van Winkle, had a serious meltdown at an airport in Atlanta in August. According to reports, he has just performed in a concert in Atlanta and he was trying to catch a flight to Nebraska. According to bystanders, Vanilla Ice had a huge temper tantrum when he missed his flight. According to a witness, he was on his phone and he arrived 10 minutes after the cutoff time for boarding. Not wanting to accept responsibility for missing his flight, he began screaming. He said that he was sitting and waiting for the plane to board and nobody told him that it was time and nobody came to get him. He started swearing and he even threw his ticket at the Delta agent.

When the agent told him that it was his responsibility to watch the monitor, he started telling the agent to shut up and continued swearing at him. Soon after the incident, he posted a tweet saying that he was a zombie at the airport and that his demanding schedule had taken its toll on him. The tweet shows that he was taking responsibility for his actions. It is unclear if the Delta agent got him on another flight or if he even saw Ice’s tweet.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not only a celebrity, he is going to be our next President of the United States. This is what makes his short temper and impulsiveness scary. Most of his meltdowns are posted on Twitter, however, they are still public for the whole world to see. Not only did he insult a man who lost his son in Iraq, he also called out women and minorities and said some pretty awful things about them. This is not to mention the many tweets he posted about Hilary Clinton and her camp. After winning the election, he is still posting late night Twitter rants about losing the popular vote, saying that election was rigged, however, the Electoral College vote wasn’t, which several government agencies believe did happen. He has told plenty of half truths and lies during his Twitter rants and his rallies. Only time will tell if he is going to continue being a ticking time bomb in 2017.

Terra Jole

Terra Jole is no stranger to public meltdowns. She wouldn’t be a great reality star if she was. This season of Little Women: LA, Terra had one of her biggest meltdowns. This particular one could have been her most costly. Terra invited the girls out for a night of line dancing when an argument broke out between Terra and Christy McGinty. After the girls poured all of the drinks on the table at each other, they started throwing glasses. After Terra hit Christy with a glass, she claimed she had a brain injury and she filed charges against Tera. Luckily for Tera, the prosecutor chose not to pursue the case. Toward the end of 2016, Tera had several more private meltdowns. While filming Dancing With the Stars, sources say that Terra cried a lot. She complained that her height was a disability in the competition, however, many people believe that the reasons for her meltdowns were related to missing her children and postpartum issues. Hopefully, a bit of rest has Terra feeling like herself again.

Kim Kardashian

Like husband, like wife, Kim Kardashian has earned her place on this list. After posting a nude selfie on Twitter, Bette Midler and Chloe Moretz had some criticizing things to say about her. Midler stated that is Kim wants her fans to see a part of her they have never seen before, she would need to swallow a camera. For once, the reality star didn’t take the criticism in stride. Instead, she lashed out at the two women, Kanye-style on Twitter. She first lashed out a Midler saying that it was past her bedtime and she shouldn’t even be on Twitter. She followed that up with calling her a fake friend because Midler had sent her a gift a while back.

When she lashed out at Moretz, she simply said welcome to Twitter and implied that nobody even knew who she was. Shortly after she went after Moretz, she posted one more tweet. It stated that she cashed an $80 million check for her video game and she transferred $53 million of it to her and Kanye’s joint account. Clearly, she doesn’t want her haters to think that she is in debt. Since her social media blackout after her robbery, we might not see anymore Twitter meltdowns from Kim.

Celebrities often have meltdowns. Some do it in public, some do it on reality television, some do it on social media, and some do it in front of thousands or millions of people. This year was a good one for celebrity meltdowns. Chances are, 2017 will be full of them as well.

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