Tommie Lee: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Tommie Lee was born in Northern New Jersey in 1987 and relocated to Atlanta about five years ago to join the cast of the reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Tommie Lee has lead quite an eventful life, and has plenty of stories to tell to prove it. She has appeared in several men’s magazines and music videos. Tommie has a passion for rap and has tried to pursue a career as a rapper/singer which lead her to an unexpected turn of events when she was asked to join the cast of season 5 on the hit reality TV show, LHHATL. She has a fiery personality to match her smoking good looks and has accumulated quite a following on her Instagram page. Those who follow LHHATL may know the name Tommie Lee, but here are 10 things you don’t know about her.

#1. She has been involved in numerous car accidents

Anyone who knows Tommie Lee recognizes that she lives a pretty dramatic life. But this drama spews off to more than just her acting career. In total, she has been involved in 5 car accidents. One of the luckiest escapes was when she was driving her little sister (Versace), who was about five months pregnant, back to New Jersey. They were pitched behind a big truck that was veering off the right track when it suddenly dropped a big metallic item from behind. The crash was so massive that Versace almost lost her pregnancy. Probably the most recent accident Tommie has been involved in was a hit and run in 2014, when she was driving by herself in an Audi. She ran a stop sign on Ocean Drive, Miami, but unfortunately hit a passerby. Knowing that she has been drinking and was obviously on the wrong, she decided to hit the road and leave the car behind. But on her way running, she had a change of heart and turned back to explain to the cops. Before she could reach the scene, the car literally exploded! Remarkably, she was just driving back from Atlanta after dropping off her kids! Talk about a lucky escape.


#2. Tommie Lee is not her actual name

If you have never heard of Tommie Lee before, you would be forgiven to assume that she is a boy. In fact, Tommie Lee is just a nickname that she was given when was a little kid. Due to her tomboy personality, people liked to call her Tommie (which is short for Tomboy). She decided to stick with the moniker, and it is her stage name to this day. The name on her birth certificate is Atasha Jefferson.


#3. She did not expect to be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Most people probably know Tommie Lee from the popular hit show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. But according to the star, she had never actually thought of being on such a highly rated show. However, Tommie always toyed with the idea of being on a reality show, and considers Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the break she had been waiting for. In fact, she cited the program as one of her main motivations to avoid doing anything that would land her in jail again.


#4. She is an entrepreneur

Apart from acting, Tommie Lee has several sources of income. She puts up money for shows together with her promoter friend, and then split everything down the middle. She also owns a few houses, as well as hostels for college students who study in Clark University and Morehouse. The hostels are fully furnished, and the students just have to pay for their half of the room. In addition, she makes money by booking and promoting music artists, most recently Meek Mill for his event in Vegas.


#5. She had her first daughter in jail

I’ve probably mentioned this more than twice already, but for those who were not paying attention: Tommie Lee has had her fair share of arrests before rising to fame. She describes her time behind bars as one of the worst experiences of her life, especially because she was pregnant during that particular time. When her pregnancy was almost due, about eight months old, she had to call her mother for help since none of the wardens could attend to her. Thinking fast, her mother instructed Tommie to piss on herself, subsequently alerting the rest of the floor. The police in turn responded to the hullabaloo and took her to the hospital where she had an emergency C-section. This saved her daughter and she was allowed to see her family briefly.


#6. Being pregnant in jail inspired her not to go back

Anyone who has ever slept in the cell knows how bad the experience can be. The situation is even worse when you are pregnant during your arrest. This was the case with Tommie Lee. She was detained for violating probation on her father’s drug charge, and she didn’t want to tell on him. She was nineteen at the time. She was instructed by her probation officer to report to Clinton County every morning at 8 o’clock. Since she didn’t have a job and couldn’t get one when pregnant, she had to rely on rides to get there. Unfortunately, she reported late one morning and her probation officer put her under arrest. Tommie recalls how terrible her experience in jail was, and it played a role in motivating her to change her life.


#7. She has two kids

Some people are already familiar with Tommie Lee’s first daughter, who she had while in prison. What most people don’t know is that the LHHA star actually has a second daughter who is just three years younger than the first. She reveals that the kids are well cared for and love traveling a lot. They spend most Christmas holidays together as well, and she doesn’t like people involving them in her business.


#8. She met her ex, rapper Scrapp DeLeon through KK

Tommie and KK were always tight from the beginning, and it was through her that she met their mutual friend Scrap DeLeon. However, she admitted that he was not the reason they were so close. Scrapp was also acquainted with Tiarra during about the same time he became involved with Tommie Lee.


#9. She has an estimated net worth of $100,000

Tommie Lee’s quest for stardom has lead her to numerous different jobs in the acting and modeling world. Tommie is also an entrepreneur and sought out fame and fortune for herself through different avenues, however, it was when she accepted the role on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that she really began to see her bankroll climb. She is estimated to have a net worth of about $100,000, all thanks to her role in the reality TV show.

#10. She was not invited to the season 5 LHHATL reunion

Tommie was not invited to season 5 LHHATL reunion and it was rumored to have been because she was too violent. Before the reunion was to take place, Tommie posted the news of her absence on her Instagram page, explaining she was unwanted due to cast members fearing for their safety due to her potential for violent actions. Although she truly was denied an invitation to the reunion, there was apparently a different story that kept her from reuniting with her cast-mates, and it didn’t have to do with her violent outbursts.


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