Twelve Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts

As insane as this may sound, I grew up in a house that was haunted by the Mother of a famous actor from the seventies and eighties. As much as it may sound like I am kidding or working this up for the sake of a juicy intro, it’s true. We often saw the apparition of a woman in our basement. Then, one fateful day, we actually got in contact with the actor and had him come by. We told him the story of the woman we had seen, and he proceeded to tell us about the fate of his Mother, in that very same basement. It was chilling stuff and a chapter of my life I will never forget. So who better to write a list about celebrities who believe in ghosts than a guy who has actually haunted by the ghost of a celebrities Mother?  That celebrity is not on this list simply out of respect for the fact that the ghost was that of his Mother.  Most of these cases do not hit home quite that hard for celebrities. As a matter of fact, that are even a few cases of these people becoming “friends” with the ghost. Well, just Matthew McConaughey. Because, well, that’s so McConaughey! Okay, on to the good stuff.

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Kate Hudson: While making the chilling movie, Skeleton Key, Hudson says she had quite a few spiritual encounters. She also claims that the spirit of her deceased grandmother has come and visited her on occasion. She doesn’t speak of the experiences as bad, though. She was not scared by their presence. Just an otherworldly connection to the other side. Well, one ghost had no face and that kinda creeped her out. But otherwise, they’ve all been good.

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Keanu Reeves: As a child, Keanu Reeves and his sister had seen a ghost in their home. That man was said to be very well dressed but lacking a bottom half.  Kind of makes sense that he would be one of the celebrities who believe in ghosts after an encounter like that.  Neo!

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Matthew McConaughey: He calls the spirit who haunts his house Madame Blue. Though he was quite scared of her presence at first, he says he has reached a peaceful state of co-existence with her now. Figures, right? If anyone can become friends with their ghost it is Mathew McConaughey. Guy is such a charmer.

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Ryan Gosling: Rumors surround Ryan and his Mother (pictured above) that there may have been some ghostly presence in his childhood home growing up. Nothing bad, but something spiritual for sure. He claims his Mom experienced it more than him, but he still believes.

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Nic Cage: Come on, like anyone is surprised to see Nic Cage here? Cage owned a Louisianna mansion that had a sordid history of violence and death. Rumor is he never spends the night there anymore due to some strange things that may have went down. The craziest part is, no one knows what actually happened. But if it shook Nic Cage, it must have been pretty freaky.   Someone find out the details and make that into a movie, starring Nic Cage.

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Cher: Cher openly claims that the spirit of her late EX-husband, Sonny Bono, comes and visits her all the time. She says she accepts now that they were meant to be, and was sad neither could work it out while he was still alive. So not only does Cher believe in Life After Love, she also believes in life after death.

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Demi Lovato: This pop singer claims she saw the ghostly apparition of a young boy in her home when she was just a child. What threw her off was the fact that the young child was wearing what she explains to be period clothing from the 1800’s. Yup, that would make anyone believe in ghosts.

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Lady Gaga: So utterly convinced that she was getting haunted by a male spirit named Ryan, she contacted specialists to help her out and help her exorcise the spirit. No word on whether the spirit intervention worked, though. Truth is, Gaga seems surrounded by spirits at all times. It is just the weird energy she gives off.

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Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus actually bailed on one of her London flats because she (as well as her family) was convinced it was haunted. She has told stories of seeing the ghostly figure of a boy there. Guess that was enough for her to pack up her Wrecking Ball and get up out of there for good.

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Alyson Hannigan: This former Buffy star is one of the celebrities who believe in ghosts because she says there is one living with her in her home, right now. Don’t worry, though. It’s not a bad ghost. She says the ghost is “very friendly”, so it must be Casper. Seems like he would be a pretty respectful roommate, ghost or not.

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Patrick Stewart: During a live show one night, Patrick Stewart walked off stage, looking white as a ghost. When his co-star and good friend Ian McKellen asked him what was wrong, he claimed he just saw the ghost of a man, standing on stage. It is a story he still stands by, and claims it made him a firm believer in the supernatural.

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Mick Jagger: His own daughter claims that most of the family have seen ghosts at Mick Jagger’s home. The singer himself is said to be very spiritual and very much aware of these beings as well. With the recent news that his girlfriend recently passed in that same home, we bet the activity is only set to increase.

So what about you? Have you ever had a ghostly experience or spiritual vision? Do you believe? Take to our comments and let us know, or hit us up on our Facebook and tell us your best ghost story!

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