Veronika Obeng: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Veronika Obeng is a reality TV star that had a role in the popular E! series, Second Wives Club. Born in February of 1984 in Spiro, Oklahoma, Veronkia Obeng is most notably recognized for her recurring role on one of E! network’s hit reality television series, The Second Wives Club, a show that follows the personal and the professional lives of women who are about to become the second wife of their fiancé, or are the second wife of their current husband. During the time of the show’s airing, Obeng was married to Dr. Michael Obeng, and the two soon gained a lot of attention for their relationship issues they were dealing with. You may be familiar with the reality TV star from the popular series, but here are ten things you didn’t know about Veronika Obeng.

1. Country girl

Obeng may look like she is right out New York City or Beverly Hills, but in reality, Obeng grew up in the country, in a little town known as Spiro, Oklahoma and is a country girl at heart. She grew up with five brothers and one sister, on a dirt road where she baled hay, rode horses and helped repair fences after cows would escape. Today, just looking at Obeng, all you see is one sophisticated lady who shows no signs of having ever stepped foot in the country.

2. Had a child before Dr. Obeng

Obeng is not only a mother, but an ambitious mother who pursued her college degree while playing the role of mom. While raising a child, Obeng studied at and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.

3. Modeled

After graduating from college, Obeng did some modeling. In an interview, Obeng said that after her college graduation, she did quite a bit of moving around while modeling and trying to get that part of her life going. She ended up in Beverly Hills with a couple of kids and a guy that she loved.

4. Was a track star in high school

Obeng talked about her track years in high school during an interview, saying that she loved track because it is a sport you do alone rather than with a group of people and she says that if she is going to lose, she would rather lose alone than with a group. She was good at the sport and won many awards and was considered a track star in her home town.

5. Loves to write and sing

Obeng confessed to Katie Couric in an interview, that she loves to write and has started writing multiple songs. She said that she loved going into the studio to work on her music when her kids were sleeping or her, then, husband, Michael, was out of town, but she never had time to finish anything. Hearing that, Couric offered for her to meet her fiancé, Walter Afanasieff, who is a Grammy winner songwriter, to help her with her work.

6. Had to get used to having cameras in her home

While filming the show, the Second Wives Club, Obeng described how she had to get used to the cameras being around her continuously, especially in her home and in her place of work. She said it was a big adjustment but she really had a good experience, overall. It’s always an adjustment to have someone filming your every move, especially at first, but after a while, it’s just part of life.

7. Was married to a plastic surgeon

Michael Obeng was Veronika’s husband at the time she was participating in the hit E! series, the Second Wives Club. He is a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and had agreed to be a part of the show, but only if the show helped to boost his career and put him in a good light. Within a week of the first season of the show, Veronika discovered the latest affair of her husband and decided to air the dirty secret because she wanted other women to follow suit and learn to be truthful to themselves. Dr. Obeng was furious with the network and sued them. Veronika Obeng filed for divorce in 2016.

8. Discovered her husband’s infidelity while on the show

Finding out your spouse is having an affair is never easy, but while filming a popular television show with all your dirty laundry being aired for the nation to see, makes it even that more difficult. Obeng happened to be in that very position, on national TV when she came across a private Instagram of the woman her husband happened to be seeing on the side. The affair and split of Obeng and her husband, Michael, gained all kinds of tabloid attention.

9. Not dating

Obeng says that she is not dating right now. She says that her primary focus is her kids and that she is now married to her kids, since her divorce from Dr. Michael Obeng. She has three children with Dr. Obeng and the two together, had five from previous relationships, so she is definitely a busy mom.

10. She’s a blogger

Obeng is a dedicated mother and has a personal blog where she blogs about being a mother and raising kids in a race conscious world. She also blogs about modern womanhood and tries to help women deal with all kinds of issues in today’s modern world. There are “mama drama” topics, to credit repair topics that she weighs in on and discusses.


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