Janet Jackson Officially Joins the Billionaire Club

Janet Jackson has been a force in the music industry (as well as some films) for decades, but new reports say she has just crossed the line into billionaire territory. The sister of the late Michael Jackson has worked her way up to being worth a massive $1 billion, thanks to multiple hit albums, tours, and even some hit movies.

According to a report in Variety, Jackson made $458 million from touring, over $81 from sponsorship deals, $304 million from acting and $260 million from her albums. Jackson, 47, has been in such films as Nutty Professor and For Colored Girls.   Oh and let’s not forget that Jackson is also married to a billionaire.  Wissam Al Man, her husband, is also a billionaire thanks to his lucrative investments in the Middle East.

That’s one hell of a couple.  We guess congratulations are in order to Janet Jackson.

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