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  1. Jennifer’s first regular paying jobs as a teenager in high school were for herself to show up at public events dressed in a bikini……….
    Now its just is not the sme after years ansd years of smoking, she just does not have that same erectness. Yet, her smile is just as confident as ever regarding the lights and truth which she has known!
    Praise the Holy Spirit.

  2. What a bitter person you are…she’s over 40, so yeah she looks different then when she was a teenager. She looks amazing, smoker or not. What do you look like at 43. You do know she’s a celebrity kid, right? Check out her bio – find out her early jobs.

  3. She looks Great!! Anyone that works that hard at keeping her body fit, should be able to show it off without anyone critizing her. 43 years young if you ask me.

  4. People with money are followed, photgraphed and quoted for no other reason then their money…Folks with little or no money are always dreaming about how the other 2-3% live…This gives them a birds eye view….WHY? She has done nothing except be born into money

  5. Is one of the most beautiful women we have all seen wearing a skimpy bikini (are any bikini’s not skimpy?) really a story? how does that get turned into a news worthy story?

  6. 1. Ms. Anniston is not eldery. Those considered elderly start at the age of retirement: 65 years old. Are you all in kindergarten?
    2. She looks fantastic.
    3. Who tells you how to do your hair? There are no guidelines on lenght these days, according to age.
    4. For Jank brock, look at any woman over 30 and you’ll see our knee’s stat to get less elastic as the skin thins. This is common sense. Let’s see how cute your knee’s look… I bet your hips and butt look just lovely, NOT.
    5. Her father was a soap opera actor, not swimming in money. So much for the rich kid theory. Check your facts!
    6. I bet Jen has many, many more years left in the business and all of you envious little wannabee’s are going to cry in your soup.

  7. I think she looks sickly, those women put too much emphasis on being thin that they forget simply because youre skinny doesnt mean youre healthy. Theres a ton of supermodels on cocaine and other stimulants; as much as some people would like to think of them as beautiful they are rotting on the inside. I never thought of her as hot, shes hot because the media says she is hot but in reality she looks like any other woman. Would i say she looks as good as Adriana Lima? Uh, no. Even that woman as pretty as she is needs to gain some weight to actually look like what a real woman is supposed to look like. Hey, if these guys think a woman that looks like a 12 year old boy is sexy, then thats their preference; all i will say is that they are suckers of the media structure. Real actresses dont need to be skinny to show their talent, Jennifer is hardly an actress; the Keanu of women in Hollywood. Let the disagreements commence, it doesnt matter what you people say; denial is a horrible disease. Good for her shes good at doing one liners, its not that hard to be a great actor in Hollywood; hence Tom Cruise. James Cagney; Anthony Hopkins; Gary Oldman; Angela Bassett; Jodie Foster and Al Pacino is what i would consider actors, not Jennifer Aniston. Save yourself the money; read a book that actually has a plot LOL.

    1. Love Salma but before hitting Hollywood, she had her rich Veracruz family redo her with plastic surgery. Her boobs are totally fake. So, not really comparable.

    1. And you can’t even spell! Jenn looks fantastic for 43, and if she can still wear a bikini then great for her. Why must women be haters? We should all band together and cheer one another on for having the courage to be ‘just like any other girl’.

  8. Damn,why is Jen in the same sentence with elderly ?? That is plain ignorant ! Are y’all 12 ?? Your immature jealous remarks make it sound like it. Romeo…too bad your insecure miserable life doesn’t have a plot.

    1. Exactly!!! So much for everyone stopping the bullying. She is 44 and gets better looking with age and nobody else can stand it. Plus the woman is the sweetest person in the entertainment business an does so much charity work. Oh and by the way, she doesn’t smoke!! Take your jealously somewhere else. All I did was get on her to read an article about her and see a picture and all I saw was bullying. Which I am sure everyone of you idiots signed a petition for last year to stop. So why not actually follow what you sign your names to. She is my favorite actress because she is down to earth and not fake and goes by her word to people.

  9. Sorry but Ms. Anniston could never have a bikini that was too small. She is one star that always looks great in every photo I have ever seen of her.

  10. You know what’s funnier than someone who makes money playacting like a schoolgirl? The knuckleheads chasing her all over the world taking pictures of her to sell.

  11. Let’s see how she looks after having a kid or two. That’s the REAL acid test for early middle age beauty. My 53 y/o wife is still ripped after three !

  12. You must be extremely jealous. I think she looks amazing for her age. In fact, she looks better than most 20 year olds. Her bikini looks good on her, and you know it.

  13. Could not resist the offer to give my opinion. Everyone, as they grow older will face criticism if they try to look young while they age. Mostly, this is not more than habit. I know a lady that used to tie her shirt in a knot ever since she was a teenage. But one day in her forties, a co-worker said she looked too old to wear her shirt like that. So, do it until you can not do it anymore. With so many health benefits revealed on line, and science’s new understanding of our aging process, we may get to tie our shirts in knots for hundreds of years. Being skinny will become second nature. But until then, we do not really want to see old ladys in hot pants, or see thru veneer.

  14. I’m a man and I don’t follow the lives or obsess on so called celebrities,being an impartial person,I can say that if this woman is 44,she has held up very well,not knowing any better,I would guess that she was 30.

  15. Aniston was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and she no longer looks like that … thats an old pic, at least 6-7 years old … I remember it because I liked the suit she was wearing. I think she was on vaca with Brad Pitt when it was taken … What a prank being played on unsuspecting readers! … She is 43 or 44 years old today and her body is thick … and her face is puffy. It happens when you get to be a certain age … google her latest appearance on Kimmel to get the truth of what she looks like today.

  16. uh, no. she doesn’t look better than 20 year olds. have you seen college girls in their prime? that is the prime of a woman’s beauty. in the 30s, it’s time for the skin to start sagging and laugh lines to appear as well as eye sockets to recede. i can go on. and oh, the skin is not as tight. date a 20 year old one night and then a 30 year old the next night. you will be shocked and miss the night before with the tight skin flesh of a 20 year old girl. nothing can compare to youth.

  17. Like all movie stars she will get old and she will not show her body in a Swin suit any more…, she is playing the love interest right now, she will play the mother roles in future, then the grandmother roles, then she will play the old women roles, then she will retire that is the way it is and always will be, ask Jane Fonda, Bacall, or Bette Davis they all where sexy, then they went on to play mother roles in the movies, then grand mother roles , then old supporting actresses parts next to younger sexy actors, who is Jennifer?, get me Jennifer, get me a Jennifer type, who is Jennifer? and so it goes , so it goes,,,

  18. Jennifer looks awesome!! If anyone wants to truly see what a tiny bikini is , well then I invite you to my hometown…South Beach. Sometimes women or men have no business wearing them but to each their own, I say 🙂 I am sure she needs to keep her body in great shape as her carreer may require it. And I know that some ladies will agree with me when I say, our bodies change the older we get. Working out makes us happy, releasing all those great chemicals. Those pictures have actually inspired me!! I was very athletic. I got married and have 2 great girls. But as it sometimes happens to soooo many of us women, we forget about ourselves and give to the fullest for everyone else, we end up at the end of the line but always with a smile. My point….Jennifer looks wonderful. She is not committing a crime! She works hard to maintain her body, and it is not for haters to be so jelous! Instead of saying, “oh wow, did you see her bikini? It is too little!!”, or a degrading statement that I read from a post a man put up! Wow! I hope you do not have a little girl or an older one. If your single, think about that.Do you have a sister or cousin? If you said yes to any….your just degrading them as well. Don’t take me wrong, I’m sure you prob didn’t see it like that and I hope the women in your life would always be respected, NO MATTER WHAT THEY WEAR. F.Y.I. your 40’s are truly your new 30’s and so on! We can’t break each other. As woman we need to stand a heck of a lot closer through support than by stabbing eack other in the back (Like all neg comments to Jennifer). APPLAUD YOURSELVES STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BODY TYPE…YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY JUST THE WAY IT IS!! Wear a two piece if you are more comfortable 🙂 And Im truly, truly sorry for writing so long…..I also apologize in advance if I upset or hurt anyones feelings. Thank you for giving me your time and reading :)))

  19. I wish she would do what every other seems to never want to to, give me a chance…. Date me, marry me, be my soul mate.

    She is so very beautiful. 😉

  20. On a scale from 1-10, she rates maybe a 6 on a good day. Sometimes she photographs o.k., other times she has a horse face. She falls WAY down my list of best looking Hollyweird women.

  21. I was with a 41 year old 4 1/2 yrs ago, and a 48 year old 2 1/4 yrs ago who both made Jennifer look like she’s 65!! And I REALLY liked Jennifer’s looks in the past. I don’t follow these people, but I was STUNNED how much older she looks in these pics- than what I expected. And I’d still love to do her though. 😉

  22. Jennifer Anniston has more soul mates in a year than most people have in a lifetime. From what I’ve read about her the list of men she hasn’t “been” with is a shortlist! You ain’t 20 anymore Jenn.

  23. Guy, you need to look at picture #5. Without make-up, OMG what a difference. I’ll day Sandra Bullock 7 days of the week and never think of Anniston

  24. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Having said that why its it so terrible for this woman to take care of herself at any age, better yet why don’t we criticize ourselves when we don’t take time to stay healthy. Also remember this woman wasn’t posing for every picture some were taken while she was on her own time. If you don’t like her a much as some of you claim, how do you know the deference of her photos, and why would you stick around to see every one of them.
    There is nothing wrong in admitting you wished you were in her shoes but their is shame in trying to tear someone down for it. I am an overweight woman and I could only pray to be that healthy one day.
    Jenifer Aniston if you are reading this stay beautiful inside and out! O:-)

  25. Jennifer Aniston will do ANYTHING for attention. Wow, maybe Brad will see her in her new bikini!!! The woman is not 22 anymore and I doubt this “engagement” will turn into marriage. No man stays with her. Gee, I wonder why.

  26. I believe any any woman can wear just about anything if they have the body for it. She is not the that old she looks like shes in her twenty’s. I’m sure when her time comes she will wear a one piece. But really that’s her life to say

  27. She is and always was better looking than Angelina. Pitt was a fool. This is one smoking hot chick, with a decent track record of helping others. Let her be, haters.

  28. As someone said earlier, Jen Aniston hasnt been relevant in at least 10 years. WHY are we still talking about her??? WHY is she still on th ecover of every other magazine being ridiculed for one reason or another. Leave her the hell alone and move on.

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