Nick Cannon Wasn’t Allowed to Stay up to Watch Mariah Carey on Arsenio

In the grand scheme of Hollywood the age gap between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey really isn’t that much.  She’s 43 years old while Nick Cannon is eleven years younger at 32.   However, 11 years is a huge gap if you go back a couple of decades.    In a funny twist, Nick Cannon recently appeared on the new Arsenio show and talked about his younger days.   It turns out that when Mariah Carey went on the Arsenio Hall show years ago to perform “Vision of Love” Cannon admits that at the time he wasn’t old enough to stay up that late to watch the show.

Many people don’t know that that was Mariah’s first performance on a talk show and it very well could have launched her career.   It’s funny how Cannon, years later, is now married to Carey and was a guest on the very same show that got her the big break she was seeking.

Strange world ain’t it?

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