10 Celebrities Who Hate Being Celebrities

kristen stewart

When a celebrity makes a comment about wishing for privacy or about wanting to be able to go on a date with their spouse without being interrupted every 3 minutes, it makes the rest of us roll our eyes. Like they didn’t know that being a famous celebrity would mean spending time in the public eye; as if they didn’t know that being a movie star meant virtually everyone everywhere would recognize them and want a picture or a conversation. Celebrities chose this kind of lifestyle, and it does not make any sense for them to complain about it. Of course, that’s only partly true. All people are entitled to their privacy. I have twins that just turned one and I cannot tell you what local celebrities these gorgeous babies are, and how much I hate going out in public from time to time because everyone wants to stop, gawk, stare, converse and discuss these babies. It’s time-consuming and you have no privacy. I cannot even imagine this on an actual celebrity level.

But even so, there are still some celebrities in Hollywood that absolutely hate being famous; some complain, some whine and some make sure that we know they hate their jobs. Others just hate aspects of being famous, and while they love their craft, they do not care for all the paparazzi.

Kristen Stewart

She’s said time and time again that she hates being famous. In fact, she recently said that she does not understand Hollywood at all and that she really does not like it one bit. She’s said in the past, too, that she hates her job and she hates being famous. So we think she should quit.

Jennifer Aniston

She does love what she does for a living, but she has a deep dislike for the fact that people are so concerned with her personal life. She’d prefer they were more concerned with her work than with her personal appearance, her relationships and the things in her life she prefers to keep private.

John Mayer

He’s likened his fans to paparazzi in the past, saying how much it truly bothers him that his fans will aim cameras at him and ask inappropriate questions just to get a response. It’s a fair assessment, we think. No one likes to have that kind of negative attention on them for so long.

Daniel Radcliffe

Our favorite boy wonder – Harry Potter – does not like being famous. He enjoys what he does, but he hates having his photo taken. In fact, he once wore the exact same pants and jacket home from a theater job every single night for six months because the people taking his photos couldn’t sell pictures of him that looked as if they were all taken on the same night, and he enjoyed it immensely.

Jennifer Lawrence

She’s always outspoken and very friendly, but it bothers her that fame has changed her. She’s said that she was once a very friendly person who would make eye contact and smile at people, but now she keeps her head down and avoids that. She also hates the Hollywood wants her to look a certain way. She fights it all the time. The good news is that she still seems so personable and relatable in her interviews and appearances, and that is what people love so much about her. But she does long for her privacy back when she’s not working.

Dave Chappelle

He disappeared for a long time, and now he’s back. It seems that fame is something he finds it difficult to deal with. It’s understandable considering that all basic rights of privacy are virtually stripped from people when they become famous, and he couldn’t handle it for many years. It caused him to leave the spotlight and move on.

Avril Lavigne

The pop star doesn’t seem to have done much in a while, but she’s very outspoken about fame and what it does to people. She says it makes her sick how girls and women will show up and go clubbing and act like animals all the time just because they want to be famous. She would rather they get real jobs and not act like that anymore. Of course, she’s not someone who spends much time in the public spotlight anymore, so she has proven that you can still be famous and kind of private.

Johnny Depp

What bothers Depp about fame is that his kids have access to anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to know – or not know – about him. He hates that the internet makes everything so accessible, and he likes to stay home and out of the spotlight for the simple fact that it means no one can say anything about him he might have to worry that his kids will read. It’s actually a really nice thought, and a great way to parent with fame.

Shia LeBouf

Once so wholesome and innocent, he’s really made it his job to become someone who has changed his ways. In the past few years, he’s gotten into some trouble with the law, made statements he probably wishes he could take back, and he’s behaved quite badly. In part of that bad behavior, he’s stated time and time again that he hates his career and Hollywood, and that the people there are awful. It sounds to us that he needs to take a break.

Robert Pattinson

Is it just me or does it almost seem that he is incredibly shy and very withdrawn from social settings? He says he does not like the things that happen in his industry, and he’s even blamed the lack of privacy and the paparazzi for his depression, which is something he’s suffered from since he was 23. It’s not been easy to be in the spotlight for him, though we think that perhaps his high-profile relationship with his co-star Kristen Stewart, his role as Edward Cullen and his job in general really were difficult to face for anyone.

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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