10 Celebrities You Had No Idea were Gun Supporters

pitt jolie

The right to bear arms is one our country cannot seem to agree upon. There are those who say that guns cause violence, kill people and are ruining the country. And there are those that believe guns are not the culprit – it’s the people who use them that are the culprits. Count me into the latter. I’ve never touched or shot a gun in my life, and despite being from the south I have no intention on ever doing so. However, I fully support the right to own a gun. I don’t believe that taking them away is going to change anything. Those who want to kill people will find a way to kill people. Good people that give up their guns will merely be left unprotected against criminals. Because we all know that making guns illegal is going to stop criminals from using them since they’re so law-abiding and all. It seems that this is a debate no one will ever be able to agree on, and that’s fine. There are so many celebrities in the news talking about gun control, and that makes you wonder just how many celebs support firearms? It seems that we will never know since some celebrities keep their thoughts private, but we do know that there are a few men and women in Hollywood that do support the right to bear arms that might really surprise you.

jolie pitt

Angelina Jolie

She’s a beautiful actress who doesn’t seem like she’d ever own or even use a gun, but she’s fully supportive of the right the bear arms. It’s the opinion of Angelina Jolie that Americans should have the right to own a gun if they feel that is something that they’d like to do.

jolie pitt

Brad Pitt

Of course, it helps that he’s Angelina Jolie’s husband and that they seem to agree on this issue. His opinion is that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. He believes in the law as it stands, which means that we are free to carry guns if we feel it appropriate.


Johnny Depp

He seems like he might not care either way, and he certainly does not seem like someone who would carry a gun, but he’s in full support of the right to bear arms. Perhaps this will lose him a fan or two, but he probably does not care. He feels that if you want a gun, you should have a gun. It’s a basic right that Depp does not believe should be stripped of the American people.


Jennifer Lawrence

Why it would surprise anyone that she’d be in support of guns is beyond me. She does not seem like the kind of person that wouldn’t be for guns, you know? And let’s face it, she’s Katniss Everdeen. She’s into weapons and all that in her movies, so it only makes sense that she’s cool with them in real life. She’s just cool, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s okay with guns.


Chuck Norris

He’s the man that ends many jokes. Why would he even need a gun with that brute strength and force, right? Well, he doesn’t care that he can probably fight off a terrorist or a bad guy with just a withering glance; he believes that those who have guns should be able to keep them and that those who want them should be able to obtain them. He likes a gun when it’s used the right way and not for harm.


Miranda Lambert

She’s a true southern woman with a love for guns. She loves to shoot. She loves to hunt, and she’s not afraid to point out the fact that she believes the American people should be able to have their guns and their freedoms. In fact, she’s probably one of the most outspoken people in the world about her love of guns, and she’s not someone you should be surprised to know supports gun rights. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t surprise people. It seems many people are surprised just because she’s a woman (and if that’s not sexist, what is?).


Tom Selleck

So slick and suave, we don’t picture him as a gun guy, but he is. He believes that the people should have guns, and he’s not afraid to let them continue to have that right. He might not look like a gun lover, but he is. In fact, there are probably a few things that might surprise you about your favorite older actor, and that’s just fine with him.


Charles Barkley

At no point can I picture the famous athlete hanging out with a gun and shooting anything, but you’d better believe that he’s in full support of the right to bear arms. It’s his opinion that everyone should have the right and ability to protect themselves if the situation warrants protection, and he’s not looking to go out of his way to take guns from anyone. In fact, he’s completely for them and he stands by his opinion regardless of how that makes you feel about him.


Alton Brown

This is probably the most surprising addition to this list, in my opinion. The dry Food Network host is a full supporter of gun rights, and he enjoys shooting. He likes to get outside and shoot, and he actually spends a great deal of time at the shooting range. This is just one of the many reasons he’s okay with guns and the freedom to have them if you want them. We think that’s pretty cool about him, too.


James Earl Jones

He once said that he’s a proud member of the NRA and that he believes good people should have guns. His reason is that bad people will always have guns since breaking laws and not doing the right thing is their favorite way of life. If the bad guys have guns and the good ones do not, what happens? Well, the bad guys win, according to James Earl Jones. So there’s that, and we completely agree.

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