10 Celebrities Who Are Really On Tinder


When Tinder introduced a way to verify that celebrities are actually who they say they are on the website, the world went just a little bit crazy. It’s supposed to be an app that allows people to meet other people and find dates, but it’s quickly becoming known as the site people go to hook up with others. It’s been known for a while, and people love to give it a chance, make fun of it and swear that no one they meet on Tinder is worth dating in real life. After all, you get to swipe one way to hook up and another way to get rid of a person. It’s an interesting concept that might be a little strange to those of us who have been married longer than online dating has existed, but people love it. Those people include bonafide celebrities. The site now allows people to verify their identities as celebs so that you know when you see a celeb’s face it is not just some creepy man or woman trying to get your attention. So, who is actually using Tinder? Well, we have a list of your favorite celebrities that are into meeting people through Tinder. Find out who they are.


Katy Perry

We are not surprised to see her on the app. She’s been married to Russell Brand, after all. While we think he is hilarious, he does seem like the kind of man you would meet on an app like this, and since he was once her type, we feel that perhaps these men might be good for her. Well, we feel that she might feel that these men are good for her. We are not entirely convinced they really are good for her, though. But good look to her.


Lindsay Lohan

Is anyone – absolutely even one person at all – even remotely surprised to see her on this app? I’m going to go with no. She’s made a mess of her life that isn’t good in any way, shape or form, so a dating app on Tinder doesn’t seem like something we are surprised over. We just wonder how many men see her face and want to meet her or are so scared and not even remotely interested that they swipe right on by before they have a chance to reconsider.


Lily Allen

We find it interesting that she has an app, considering she is married and has children. But you know, it seems that so many people are using Tinder to get a good laugh that we can’t decide if she and her husband sit around and laugh at the people with whom she could be matched while she swipes and swipes. It’s an interesting concept, really, and it almost leads you to wonder whether or not she and her husband are on good terms or if they have an interesting marriage.


Hillary Duff

I’m still holding out hope that she and her estranged husband will work through things at some point, but maybe not. She’s admitted that she did go on a date with a man she met on Tinder and they bowled together with friends. Seems to me like they might have had fun, but I still want to think that she is going to reconcile with her husband. He seems like the kind of person that she should be with, you know, since they have kids and say that they are still in love and want to stay married and all.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Okay, so her account is real but she’s not really using it. It turns out that Jimmy Fallon actually set her up on the website and created her profile for her. It was a hilarious segment on his show that made us laugh uncontrollably, and we appreciate that. But we don’t know if she’s using it on her own now that she’s no longer on the show. Wouldn’t it be fun if she was?


Ashton Kutcher

We aren’t too sure about why he’s on the site. We hope it’s not for obvious reasons. After all, he and Mila Kunis did just welcome a baby girl together, and they also did just get married. They seem like the kind of couple that is pretty happy together. But they also seem like a couple that might not last considering the fact that he did famously cheat on his first wife, Demi Moore. We’ll see if this is something good or bad.


Chelsea Handler

Of course she is on Tinder. She’s hilarious, she’s amazing and she’s got one heck of a personality. She also prefers men who are not famous. That works for her. She even uses her fame to her advantage as her tagline. It’s working out quite well for her, apparently.


Eric Stonestreet

He once told an interviewer that he will change his account based on the city in which he is in, and that he loves the app. He seems to enjoy the app and says that he’s met a few interesting people using it to meet and greet potential soul mates. Though we do not believe that potential soul mates is why anyone uses this app.


Loni Love

She’s the hilarious comedian that sometimes stars as a guest DJ on the Ellen Degeneres show, and we love her. She’s open about the fact that she is looking for love, and that she sometimes looks online. She’s said she uses Christianmingle.com and that she’s used Tinder in the past. We cannot say we are surprised to hear this.


Ben Flajnik

If you don’t recognize him, go back several Bachelors. He was the San Francisco bachelor with a winery. Or maybe he took a date to a winery. I can’t remember; I was drinking wine. Maybe that’s where the association comes from. Either way, he uses Tinder. He says it’s hilarious, but we have a feeling that he’s using it seriously and only pretending he thinks that it is funny. We kind of love that lame excuse.

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