10 Celebrities Who Set Horrible Examples for Children


As parents we all want our kids to have amazing role models. We’d like to be their role models ourselves, but we do realize that since most of us are not famous celebrities or professional athletes that this will never happen. We do our best to set a good example and teach our kids to be good, kind, awesome, totally amazing people, but it’s also the celebrities of the world that set examples and play the part of role model for our kids. As a mom, I don’t think anyone is good enough to be a role model for my kids. But if I had to choose some celebs they could look up to, it would be the ones like Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway and Dakota Fanning; the girls that make it big and continue their lives as normally as possible. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re young, beautiful, successful and seemingly very down-to-earth – and none of them has a mug shot (something I find particularly important in a role model).

Now don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of people in the world that initially decided to take the wrong path in life and have since managed to turn their lives around and become amazing role models. Take Robert Downey Jr. for example; he was a drug and alcohol addicted mess for many years who made the decision to get clean and change his life around. I don’t hate him as a role model being that he’s the perfect example of what it looks like to start over and to make positive changes. But there are just a few celebs out there that do not make good role models, and I think we can all agree that they set a pretty bad example for our kids.

Read on to find out who has our vote for best role models in the how not to live your life and what not to do in life category.

Paris Hilton

Well, what does she even do? How can you be a good role model when they only thing that you do is say things like “like” a lot and play music for people until 6 in the morning all over the world in between nose jobs and DUIs?

Justin Bieber

There was a time in which we all thought he’d make a sweet little role model. And then he decided that he’d prefer to drink and get in trouble and have drugs and make poor decisions. We do, however, think that there might be hope for him in the future, so we reserve the right to change our minds.

Naomi Campbell

If you want your kids to keep throwing their terrible 2-year-old tantrums when life forgets to go their way (you know, because the world does not actually revolve around your kids) then you might want to let Naomi Campbell, most grown-up child of them all be their role model.

Lindsay Lohan

Do we need to go into detail with this one? I’ll just narrow it down with a few words; drugs, alcohol, jail, DUI, bad driver, court appearances. There really is very little left to say about the fact that she’s not someone you would choose to be a good role model for your kids.

Amanda Bynes

What on earth happened to her is still a mystery. She was funny and hilarious and a really good entertainer, and then she suddenly went completely bonkers and lost her mind. There is a rumor that she might have some mental health issues, and we think we might believe that as the truth.

Shia Lebouf

He’s kind of mean. He went from being your average child star with a great and positive attitude to being someone who apparently hates life and all that it entails, and he’s developed such an attitude that it’s amazing anyone wants anything to do with him anymore. Oh wait, they don’t. That’s right.

Charlie Sheen

Here’s a classic example of someone who is just not a good role model, at all. We don’t even have to elaborate on the fact that he is a heavy drug user and drinker. He shows up obliterated for many events, and he’s taken to living in hotels with multiple hookers and strippers and prostitutes for the fun of it. I don’t feel as if STDs sound like as much fun as he apparently feels they are, however.

Miley Cyrus

There’s something to be said about the girl formerly known as Hannah Montana. It’s my own personal belief is that she’s not anywhere near as bad as she wants us to believe she is, but she’s great at marketing herself. There is a part of me that believes her questionable choices and her very strange clothing and behaviors are all part of a ploy to get her into the press and make her more relevant. It’s working; but we think that Hannah is in there somewhere.

Nicki Minaj

I don’t actually have that much of an issue with her aside from the fact that I cannot listen to any of her music in the car with my kids because OMG it’s really inappropriate. And I kind of don’t understand how any of it manages to end up on the radio when it clearly needs so much editing, but whatever. She’s just a bit too vulgar for most parents taste, and that’s probably why she’s not the biggest role model in many households.

Kanye West

What can we say about the man who continuously gets Kim Kardashian pregnant, shows off her nude photos online and steals microphones from people who have won awards to tell the world that they’re all morons who made a mistake in choosing the winner when the winner clearly should have been his close and personal friend of the moment? Oh, maybe we just said it all. There’s just something a bit too self-involved about him that turns people off, and he’s a Kardashian, which is another turn-off.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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