10 Chris Brown Tumblr Pages You Need to Follow

Chris Brown with a teddy bear

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Chris Brown is one of the biggest musicians on the planet, building quite the following through some of his performances and appearances at places. The guy can dance like Michael Jackson and sing like Usher, so naturally, there are plenty of fans out there who show him as much support as possible. Sometimes that’s a good thing, other times, though, it can be a playful thing. And for that reason, I’m giving you the 10 best Chris Brown Tumblr pages that you need to follow—regardless of how big of a fan of his you are.

10. http://breezyfame.tumblr.com

It’s not exactly the most visually appealing Tumblr pages I’ve ever seen, but it does get the job done in showing fans what they want to see or read about Chris Brown. Featuring a few photos of the musician and some occasional updates on his music, BreezyFame’s might not have as much going on as these others you’ll see, but it’s still one worth checking out.

9. http://yaytaylorr.tumblr.com/

There are fans and then there’s this person—who clearly enjoys everything Chris Brown does. With various photos and songs by the artist, Yaytaylorr basically takes the average teenager’s bedroom wall and turns it into an online shrine. It’s really quite impressive if you ask me.

8. http://chraelovee.tumblr.com/

Much like the previously mentioned Tumblr account, chraelovee includes a bunch of photos of Chris Brown that will, no doubt, have fans happy they stumbled across his or her page. Sure, a lot of them are probably pulled from Google images and various Instagram accounts, but doesn’t a good fan always try and find the exclusive pictures?

7. http://chrisbrowwn.tumblr.com/

As one can tell by the Tumblr name itself, this Chris Brown is no joke, making sure there’s no confusion as to what type of things the page will be displaying. Lots of photos of the musician in various different settings and being organized quite nicely makes this Chris Brown Tumblr page one that’s actually easy and pretty fun to look at.

6. http://dhopeechiick.tumblr.com/

With the page set up like a Twitter profile, DHopeChiick’s Chris Brown Tumblr page is just about as clean and easy to look at as any on this list. With a bunch of photos that give the appearance of someone cutting them out of a magazine and plastering them on their wall, this one is pretty cool—even if it does have a little bit too much of her and the singer on it. But that’s got to be cool for her, so I give it bonus points.

5. http://chrissypha.tumblr.com/

For those who seemingly want every bit of information on Chris Brown, you might want to consider checking out Chrissypha’s Tumbr page—because it has a lot of interesting stuff on it. From Brown gifs to photos and tweets, there isn’t anything that’s left off this page. It might be a bit of an overload, but if you’re a fan, that’s exactly what you want.

4. http://karruechedits.tumblr.com/

OK, at this point, it’s pretty obvious who the biggest Chris Brown fan on the planet is—because this girl has numerous Tumblr accounts of the star. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but seeing how she’s in various photos with the guy and seems to know what’s up in his life, I’d say she’s actually a more than reliable source to get all the coverage on him. Plus, in the pictures with her, Brown generally seems like he’s having a good time, so that means she’s on his good side.

3. http://lovingcbreezy.tumblr.com/

For those old enough to remember the original MySpace from years ago, LovingCBreezy’s Tumblr page might be the best option to check out—because it reminds me of that same set up. Although the page doesn’t necessarily offer anything too different than some of these others, it does take the view of a knowledgeable and passionate fan—and anyone who does that is OK with me.

2. http://karruechecmb.tumblr.com/

I’m not sure if this one was made by one of the previously mentioned users on Tumblr, but the girl eerily looks familiar to that of DHopeChiick. Still, it gives fans a chance to see Chris Brown in a ton of pictures with friends and other pretty looking people, showing him more as a normal person than some celebrity who is impossible to talk to. For that, KarruecheCMB earns a runner-up placement on the top Chris Brown Tumblr’s.

1. http://officialchrisbrownblog.tumblr.com/

Without a doubt, the OfficialChrisBrownBlog has to take the cake as the best Tumblr on the Internet right now. Pulling tweets and Instagram mentions of the artist, this is just about all the information that a diehard Brown fan would want. Seeing how it’s title has the word “official” in it should make users think that it’s either run by Brown’s reps or someone who has some sort of knowledge of the guy. Either way, it’s the most in-depth coverage anyone can find on Tumblr about Chris Brown.

Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

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